Lorelei is grumpy as hell for no reason at all, and is basically testing out her drama skills to see what kind of reaction she’ll get. She sees me giggling at her in the mirror, and is affronted at my audacity.

Lo: “No, Mommy. It so is not funny!”

[Jack turns back from the window, and beginning to giggle, attempts to give Lo a booger he just mined for.]

Lo: “No thank you. I’m full now.”

Jack: “C’mon, Lowlie, don’t you want a booger?”

Lo: “I said no thank you! I said I’m full now! Hmph.”

[Truly, she makes an actual ‘hmph’ sound. Usually it comes with a hand on a cocked hip. It’s hilarious.]

Me: “Gross, bubba. Keep your boogs to yourself, please. No one wants that.”

Jack (giggling harder): “You sure, Lowlie? It tastes like butter!”

Lo (simply furious, pounding her thighs with her fists for emphasis): “I said no thank you! I eat my own burgers when I want to!  I. AM. FUUUUUUUUUULL!”


..Sweet Mary I wish I could have recorded it. It was priceless.