That’s my wait time thus far with Time Warner Cable. Which I find interesting because you can’t just call them, you have to put your number in the website and ostensibly they call you when they’re ready to



Yes! Yes, in the ultimate of cosmic practical jokes, as I was literally typing the above sentence, I finally had a live person pick up, just in time to immediately tell me that their BILLING SYSTEM IS DOWN AND THEREFORE SHE CAN NOT HELP ME AT THIS TIME.


I was going to sit out here and type up an update about how I move in two days and I’m not done packing and I don’t have the logistics of the actual move hammered down and I don’t even know if I can drive the damned Uhaul because I don’t know if my insurance on my beloved Xterra has totally expired or just hasn’t been renewed because I can’t find the info because I’m half packed everywhere

..but now I’m just going to go drink a beer and laugh. Because some days that’s just what needs to be done.

More Friday, or next week: whichever comes first with my interwebs hookup. Literally.