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So my friend Chelsea wrote a blog post today that is a list, and it made me laugh because I have always appreciated her bluntness and honesty – even if I am currently wearing what would probably be considered platform flip flops. Plus I love lists, so I’m going to attempt to do the same thing. But since this week is much better than last, I’ll do 20 and 20.

20 Things That Irritate Me Rationally Or Otherwise:

1. People who can’t be bothered to respond to texts or emails where an answer is expected in some form.

2. Cars that have two car lengths in front of them while waiting at a stop light.

3. People who mungle through stores with their carts unaware of their surroundings.

4. Gladiator shoes and/or tight jeans

5. That I have gotten to where I hesitate to even ‘like’ someone’s status if I know I will be bombarded with 50 billion emails from that point on telling me that someone I don’t care about commented. I didn’t comment. I just liked it.

6. How Ford seatbelts tend to ride up and rub my neck raw.

7. People who write unnecessary amounts of !!!!!11!!!! ????? ,,,,  or anything else where one character would suffice.

8. The lose/loose confusion. Boggles me. Truly. They don’t even sound the same.

9. Cliche sayings I’ve found myself saying without realizing it. Holla!

10. Corn in my teeth.

11. Regina Spektor

12. That I like most songs by the singer Pink.

13. Unfiltered thoughts from kids as they stare at you contemplatively.

14. Traits in others that trigger an angry reaction, knowing it’s only that it reflects my insecurity of the same trait.

15. Text dialogues that don’t make linear sense or have use of clarifying punctuation.

16. The fact that most women I know feel compelled to act like they’re OK with strip clubs, when in fact, they’re not.

17. Waking up and being so tired you could cry.

18. Missing patches of hair on my knees when I shave.

19. My cussing

20. The fact that my driveway is slanted enough that the car doors tend to swing shut before you can get fully out.


And 20 Things That Make Me Happy, Rationally Or Otherwise:

1. My kids’ morning breath.  🙂

2. Heirloom tomatoes

3. Older couples I see out walking.

4. Comfy yogapants

5. Daft Punk

6. Clean eye glasses.

7. The smell of rain.

8. Opposing players who help each other up during games.

9. Good speakers in a car.

10. Jack’s hugs. If sincere they’re epic.

11. Coco Pebbles

12. Most songs by the singer Pink.

13. Unabashed wonderment staring by babies.

14. My cussing

15. Oysters with tabasco sauce.

16. Hyperbole and a Half

17. That burst of joy I get the moment I see a baby born.

18. Sweet coffee with a lot of cream.

19. Spontaneous parties with friends.

20. Ben Folds. In concert on Friday.



Thank you. Your kindness is well timed and much appreciated.


(how many other karmic thank you routes are there i wonder)

And before you grab your pitchforks to hunt me down for being all evil Momsville, let me tell you that he and Brandon spent a long time on the internet machines going over the rides beforehand, and he was asking for that one in particular. And once again I am amazed by his perseverance. He obviously thought he was going to meet his maker in that picture, yet he was totally fine immediately afterward, telling me that the ride was horrible, and beaugarding my ice cream while suggesting we move on to the Fury of the Nile.

As Lorelei would say, he cracks me out. Sweet heysoos I love that boy.



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