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Sir Lando Calrissian Lamsey, a red heeler/golden retriever (we think).  The pic is blurry because he won’t stay still long enough to get a good shot of him – I never once saw him actually sleep, he just goes and goes and goes.

And goes. On the floor. Onward ho with the training, woot. 🙂

It’s interesting to read up on the cattle dog breed and see that as per description, he is actually my shadow, following me everywhere, sleeping under my chair, sitting leaning against me. But he is so stinkin’ cuddly and sweet and HOLY BATMAN I love me some puppy smell; it makes Jen a happy girl.

Come visit us and say hi!

(Blitzen Trapper – Furr)

So hi. I really don’t have anything clever to say. But yesterday was my birthday, and I feel compelled to at least attempt to note major milestones. Unfortunately there’s nothing really that interesting or funny to say about it (except for Jack’s declaration of happy firdy free, old lady Mom. And Lorelei’s singing Old McDonald had a farm. Jingle all the way! But that was all of, what, two sentences?).  I was made yummo french toast and strawberries with homemade whipped cream, Jack started second grade, the weather was absolutely perfect, we went to Powell Gardens, and overall it was just a wonderful day.

The best birthday I’ve had in years, actually.

It’s been a pretty damn good summer overall, really.

Which isn’t meant to take away from the (Maxence Cyrin) song; I dig it a lot.  I just think it’s funny in a muzak kind of way – especially considering how much I love the original.

50 magical unicorn internet points for the first person to figger out what song it is.



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