In 4th grade our classroom was set up in a big ‘U’, though less rounded and more angular. (I’m sure there might actually be a math shape that matches what I’m trying to explain. So there’s some foreshadowing for you.) And my teacher at some point had put me and my best friend at opposite ends of the U – the harder to communicate with each other, I’m assuming. So one day, for whatever reason I still can’t believe I was dumb enough to do (though I know I did it factually), I decided to slither out of my seat and crawl around the back of the U to pass a note to my friend.

SURPRISINGLY I was seen by my teacher and busted, about five desks down the row.

I also got my first D that year, in math, and in retrospect, I kinda don’t blame my teacher for not liking me much. 4th grade was not a banner year for me. My big turnaround was 5th grade, in part because my Pat Benatar haircut had grown out.

The end.


ETA: I’ve decided that if my first random memory tomorrow is not somehow affirming, I’m skipping it until one pops up. I have had more success in my life than my subconscious is trying to show so far, ha. 🙂