Betty Hogg was my first car, bought the summer between freshman and sophomore year. It was a 1980ish Honda Accord hatchback, not unlike this one:

Except mine had a Yakima ski rack on top, because I bought it for four shiny quarters from my uncle in Colorado. She was named Betty as a reference to the Flintstones movie, and Hogg came when the muffler fell off one night, which consequently made her the LOUDEST EMEFFING CAR IN TOWN. That is a true statement. People everywhere liked to comment on knowing where I had been on any given day because they could hear me. I got to where I quite honestly wouldn’t drive on campus.

Before its eventual sale to the recently-divorced guy who showed up in a taxi and gave me $150 cash for it, the following things happened to Betty Hogg in a time span of one semester:

– the windshield wipers quit working

– the heater quit working

– the emergency brake went out

– the governor switch went out

– which I think might have been tied into why the fourth cylinder blew

– which was when I couldn’t put it into 4th or 5th gear anymore,

– which was fine because then my speedometer went out anyway

But I still think of the car fondly. Whether because it was my first – and by far most memorable car, or because I felt love from friends who would come help me change the oil or alternator, or because Meg and I spent many hours driving around talking and listening to music in it.

That car was near 300k miles when it sold, and if that’s not the most succinct review you can give a car considering what I put it through, nothing is.

Hondas rock.