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(Idea stolen directly from Jen-nay. Gracias.)

OK, the assignment is to give yourself practical advice from a time in your life you might have been lost. This was interesting to me, because there are a couple time periods I could think of to reference. Ha. But high school was probably one of the times that most shaped how I began to think of myself. Soherego:

1. Don’t become friends with Sarah Bradshaw. You had fun with her, sure, but she was not a healthy person, and was a really bad influence. You’re lucky you graduated, you skipped so often. If nothing else, your non-existent study habits kicked your ass in college, where the literal and figurative cost was so much higher. Plus she totally went over the edge in the dorm and stole all your Hormel chili before you moved out.

2. Turn in the guy who owned the Baskin Robbins to OSHA and CPS. He had no first-aid kit and had you working until 11:30 on school nights when you were 15. That’s illegal and he was an ass.

3. Don’t let Jaime Grace get to you. She’s mean and not worth it.

4. Make a commitment to choir. Don’t skip that concert as a Sophomore so you can go with your dad to a band practice and meet a cute boy. You could have been in Chambers if Solley could have trusted you. Don’t be stupid, you love choir.

5a. Try and get a scholarship. They have scholarships for everything, if you’ll just look, you idiot.

5b. Study and try harder on your ACTs and SATs. Don’t fall asleep in your SATs, because even in the reading section, it doesn’t bode well.

6. Do Not date Andy again. The first go-round should have given plenty of warning of character. You will lose years to this guy, and the fallout will set a pattern you fight forever.

7. Get involved with drama earlier than Senior year’s Jesus Christ Superstar, it would have given you confidence. You obviously have an inner actress you’d like to tap into (snort), since you asked the student director if you should act unsure when the crowd is calling for blood. You were follower number 12. Your job was to fill the stage. She barely contained her laughter.

8. Find a way to hang out with Faye Biggerstaff more. She was one of the few genuinely kind people in a sea of sharks, and I think she would have kept you grounded a bit.

9. Hang out with Nammere more while you have the chance. Don’t misplace the story you wrote about her life, there is nothing more fascinating than living history, and you will always regret it deeply.

10. Talk more to Kate.. whatever-her-name-was. She knew she was different than everyone, and suffered as an outcast of sorts. But it takes courage to be that way – specifically in high school – and she was very interesting. Decide to remember her last name. She deserves it.

11. Don’t go to Homecoming with Matt Ross. It will be a freaking nightmare. Dinner, the dress, his stomping on your two-hour-old broken toe, his crying over his ex. NIGHT. MARE.

12. Give yourself permission to acknowledge this is just a shitty time of your life for reasons beyond your control. You’ll get through it and will be more sure of yourself.. later.

A gal from my parenting board posted this article about Six-Word Memoirs. It’s actually really challenging to think about, especially because they can be written flippantly all the way to profoundly. (It’s also difficult for some of us who are not good friends with brevity.)

I’m going to post a couple I thought of; they are neither top-of-the-head nor overly-edited. Share yours if you come up with any. 🙂

Brain chatter’s often louder than reality

Loves everyone most of the time

Skip pets, go straight to kids

Farm idealism stuck in city heart

Not omniscient and grateful for it

Bravado can bluff only so long

Social and introvert completely and confusingly

Air and books are enough sometimes

Aside from a quick, somewhat.. uh.. beer and basketball-inspired post on Wednesday, I’ve held out pretty long, wouldn’t you say?

But I broke my own rule, because it was stupid, and I’m not working on Bradley stuff during the times I write here anyway. Plus, I got the first monster book report done, which was easily 40% of it, so realistically I could tear through the rest this weekend since it’s mostly busy work.

So, how was your week? I wish I could say in the interim I had multitude of events happen worthy of talking about, but truthfully it’s been the usual. Except *something* is going on with Jack and I simply can’t figure it out. His behavior is going beyond autistic into.. orbit somehow. I know there’s often a regression right before huge developmental leaps, so I’m just watching him right now and trying to roll with it. But his illogic has morphed into complete nonsensical now. Yesterday in the car, after I decided the snow coming down was probably reason enough to go home:

“Sorry, sweet boy. We need to go home now.”

“No! Put the snow in the box! Home has gone away! Goodbye home! See you later!”

“Jack. You know that’s not possible. The house doesn’t leave. There is nowhere it can go.”


And I know he’s just trying to create a logical justification for why doing what he doesn’t want could be impossible. It’s clever and complicated thinking, and that’s good. But more than the personification of everything going places lately, it’s the almost-terrified look in his eyes during these meltdowns that breaks my heart. I don’t think he’s particularly scared, he’ll tell us when he’s ‘scary’ of anything. So, I don’t know.

(Hmm. Now I’m sufficiently bummed. Great Friday post, Jen.)

Oh well. It’ll be fine. Just another dip in our road. I’ll post something happy soon, I promise. Or, I’ll just sigh contentedly while looking at the picture of the game 8) .

And until I come back, here’s a link to a creepy trick my moms sent me. I don’t usually fall for these things, but this one has been right all eleventynine times I’ve done it, so I’m officially spooked now. I really want someone smarter than I to explain how it works, por favor, because I can’t handle the idea of cybersupernatural right now. Kthanks.

Later, friends. I *did* miss you!

Bummer. Apparently Bear Grylls (aka hottie host of Man vs Wild on the Discovery Channel) is a fake. Or is faking some of the footage at least. Too bad, it’s a cool show.

Watch here.

Thanks to Maddy for the video. (And for breaking my heart. *sigh*)

So I saw this article today about a hotel opening up in space. Really. Apparently in 2012 people can spend $4 mil to spend three days in space, watching 15 sunrises and floating in a room with water bubbles to shower. And I googled it and found the homepage Galactic Suite which has, in my opinion, an odd image of an in-utero fetus (for comparison to weightlessness) and a yoga-positioned woman staring at an image of Earth. The picture of the rocket with the brand on the side (like you’d see on a commercial plane) cracks me up, though.

Actually, considering the billions of dollars being spent on this, I’m kind of surprised the website is as mediocre as it is. The font’s cheesy (I know, it’s supposed to be alien-ish), the timing is way too fast and the song is distracting. I guess I just have high expectations for a website about VACATIONING IN SPACE.

They should work on that and I’ll save up my money. In the meantime Misty, you should send a resume b/c you would totally rock that site. And you and Sammy do have a goal to go worldwide every year, right? Well they’re already taking reservations. 😉

Poor guy. I’m pretty sure I get riled up like this about my own passions. He’s right about the media, even if I think he’s borderline detrimental to his cause.

But we’re still talking, aren’t we. And that’s the point.

Still waiting to hear whatchoo think about Sicko. (And anyone else, for that matter.)

And I thought this was pretty cool about a reading of Kerouac’s On the Road. I wish I could be in Boulder, for lots o’ reasons.

ETA: Hmmm.. This review of Sicko is interrrrestinggggg (thanks to Jason for posting it first on Devious). Sounds like our boy is up to his usual editing invalidating-self. What happened to the guy who made ‘Roger and Me’?



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