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It was one of the coolest live songs I’ve ever seen – nine guys playing a total wall of sound.

“Creature Fear”

If you don’t know of them yet, get on it.  However,  if you decide to go to a concert, you’ll need to find some ill-fitting 70s thrift store clothing, and grow your beard out (and get some Buddy Holly glasses) before you go – otherwise you’ll never be hipster enough to appreciate teh cool. I persevered, but it was rough: Hipsters can give a mean stinkeye if they think you might be encroaching on their elitist stronghold, but the truth is if you only cheer for the song when the words begin, and not during the first three bars of music, you’re a poseur.

And knowing that is why I’m cooler than you.

Hola, friends. We’re cooking a bunch today so I don’t have a lot of time, but we went to a super fun party last night where everyone brought their 10 favorites songs released in 2010, and I wanted to share my compilation with grand promises of actual paragraphs to come this week.  Hope you dig the songs as much as I do (I’d love feedback either way) and that your ohleven has been happy so far!

1. White Sky – Vampire Weekend ***

2. All To All – Broken Social Scene  

3. Crossfire – Brandon Flowers  

4.  Swim Until You Can’t See Land – Frightened Rabbit 

5.  You’ll Be Bright – Cloud Cult

6. What Remains – Foals 

7.  Don’t Worry, I’m Yours – DJ Dain

8. Ghost – Antony & the Johnsons 

9. Dance or Die – Janelle Monae

10. You Will Leave a Mark – A Silent Film

*** Stupid computer. I moved the file around and it’s still not working. Go here to hear the song. Gracias.

Which isn’t meant to take away from the (Maxence Cyrin) song; I dig it a lot.  I just think it’s funny in a muzak kind of way – especially considering how much I love the original.

50 magical unicorn internet points for the first person to figger out what song it is.

But I was tagged to do a music meme! And despite that I think most memes (ugh, I hate that they’re called that) are lame, I think I’ll do this one a) because I’m obviously bored, and b) it’s right up my nostalgic alley. What you’re supposed to do is pick a song for every five years you’ve been alive, and tell a memory that is associated either with the song specifically, or the time frame you heard it.


1. 1977-1982 – Lakewood, CO
Song: Peter Gabriel “Solsbury Hill” Everything about this song encapsulates my early memories in Colorado, which mostly include my mom’s family. As far as a specific memory, the only thing that really comes to mind is eating McDonald’s on Friday nights by myself in my grandparents’ basement, watching Dukes of Hazzard. But I was five, so the veracity of that could be a little suspect.


2. 1983-1988 – Arvada, CO
Song: Mr. Mister “Broken Wings”I took a gymnastics class where we stretched to this song, and all I really remember about the class is my friend Ray, who could do a standing back flip. He also slammed on the brakes of his 10-speed once and flipped up his back tire completely perpendicular to the ground; it was totally awesome.


3. 1989-1994 – Arvada,CO/ Shawnee Mission, KS
Song (CO): Bell Biv Devoe “Poison”I rode the bus in 8th grade, and the two most salient memories are of a dog getting hit as he was running across the road, and listening to this song and feeling so cool. But holy batman in retrospect I can’t believe they let us listen to this stuff on the bus. (Remember “Do Me”? Damn.)

Song (KS): Smashing Pumpkins “Disarm”This song reminds me of junior prom, where my friends Bec, Josh, Justin and I all went as friends. We ate at some fancy restaurant that served escargot as part of the package, and rode in a limo. It was one of.. two? dances that wasn’t with my high school boyfriend (we were on a Ross/Rachel break, of course) and I remember being totally underwhelmed about it all. I really liked the people I went with, but man prom can be such a colossal waste of money.


4. 1995-2000 – Manhattan, KS
Song: Beastie Boys “Intergalactic”The vast majority of my college memories are tied to a group of guys who lived on 805 Bertrand. There was a huge group overall, but the ringleaders were these five. Really, some of my life’s most fond memories include this house; I’ve said many times it was integral to the rite of passage college is supposed to be. Beasties were of course a running staple, but this song in particular makes me smile b/c for Halloween the boys dressed up like the video, and even now I can’t not dance like they do when I hear it. It’s one of my favorite memories of Ryan, who drowned the following summer.


5. 2000-2005 – KC
Song: DMB “Dancing Nancies”Ahhhh.. Dave Matthews. I went to a handful of his concerts during this time, but the two that stand out were with Jon, Jenn Dav and Emily, and then Jon, Sammy and Meg. Whooee those were fun. I don’t really listen to a whole lot of Dave anymore, mostly because my age was becoming inverse to that of the majority of concert goers, but I will always have a soft spot for this song and Sandstone.


6. 2006- Present – KC
Song: Okkervil River “Our Life is Not a Movie, or Maybe”Really, I don’t know if I have any specific memories to this song; it’s only about a year old. But it was on a Best of 2007 compilation I was given last year, and it’s been a sleeper hit for me. There are some disharmonic parts that took me a while to get used to, but what I like about it is that it can fit in almost all of my moods. I’ve run while angry, cried, waved my hand through the air currents out the window while happily driving down the street, whatever. I just feel like it could be a song that in retrospect will have fit the..unpredictability that has been the last few years.

So there you go. I tag everyone, because it’s fun. Ciao!

This guy continues to be one of the most fun concerts EVAR. Thanks to J for going with me at the last minute, and sorry I missed you Jamie!

(Sorry for the shaky cam. It surely had nothing to do with the $10 beer.)

Had a shocking realization today while watching some Sigur Ros on Youtube that maybe they are equally (if not more) talented than my beloved Radiohead.

I mean. It’s such a phenomenally amazing song; it’s unequivocal.

But I love Radiohead.

..mind.. warping.. head.. hurts..

And it’s Tuesday, I’m going to do it again. Because other than this being Jack’s last day of school, there just ain’t much happening ’round here.

(I don’t think you want to hear the details of antibiotics, changing wound dressings and force feeding liquified cat food, right? Didn’t think so.)

Here’s to a good day!

So. I’m thinking of nixing the YTT theme, b/c I have no idea if anyone cares. But, since WordPress took down the music application, it’s one of the ways to add music, so… eh. I’ll decide next week. Pipe up if you have an opinion.

And this week’s entrant is an older story. Back before Jack was verbal, I sang this song to him while it was in my rotation for a few weeks (substituting the words can’t take my eyes off of Jack for can’t take my eyes off of you). Months later, still nonverbal, he randomly hummed it to me one night, and I eventually figured out what he was singing.

It’s been our song ever since.

SO, in the off-chance this is the last installment, I might as well make it a tear-jerker, eh? Love Damien Rice, love the song ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ and love Jack. Huzzah. 😉


No real reason to post this, it’s just stuck in my head and I can’t think of anything else.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you little fart. Muahahaha.

(Side note: I think it’s a sign of seriously, seriously warped thinking that I saw it will hit 42° today and was excited. A warm streak! …Wait…)

How is everyone today? We’re well enough. We have T-minus one week until we leave, and not a moment too soon. I’m already in preparation mode, but despite the things I am thisclose to forgetting (like a playdate tomorrow and the fact Jack has a school conference today), I realized this week has been quite the media-filled one for me, so I’ll talk about that instead.

First, we have finally tasted the cocaine that is The Wire (pun obviously intended), and are now planning mid-week showings with Brandon, because waiting even a day after the Netflix gods have supplied the goods is just not an option. Those who think I’m being hyperbolic obviously know nothing about need. Fo’ real, the show is amazing. We’re currently DVRing this season, and will get through the first 5(?) seasons as quickly as humanly possible. Crack, yo.

I also finished Running With Scissors earlier in the week, and I am thankful it wasn’t as disturbing as I had feared. I think that’s more the author’s detached-but-obviously-survived voice that makes reading the account manageable. It’s so beyond comprehension that the unemotional narrative lends the reader -or at least me- the ability to choose to distance themselves also, as if it were simply fiction and not a memoir. At any rate, I’m glad I read it, I think life stories are fascinating. (Oh, and I’m almost done with Cholera, and it’s picking up, so that’s a good sign. And for those of you who are internally parenting me with questions about my Bradley work – I have one book report left. Trust me, you’ll know when that’s done.)

I’ve also been drowning myself in new music lately, which has been both overwhelming and very fulfilling. I dig discovering new things to love and add to my impossibly long and contradictory ‘favorite’ list. I tend to be the kind of person who listens to things for like.. weeks.. at a time, then up and moves on. So recently my brain has been a little frantic trying to decide what it wants to perseverate on, ha. That said, Jon bought an album from The Editors (An End Has A Start) and it’s been sort of relieving to listen to it, because it doesn’t bend any comfort levels for me. It’s not amazing, though it’s not bad at all. I’ve said before it’s like Michael Stipe’s less-angsty brother. Anyhoo, I know I’ve posted this song (Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors) before, but I think it’s the best one on the album. Listen, purchase, thank me later.

And that’s about it. Lo took a dive off the stairs while I was brushing my teeth this morning, and looks just awesome with the knot right in the middle of her inherited, gargantuan forehead. Please don’t call CPS, I don’t feel like being flagged for the no-vax thing. 😉 But obviously the drama is not lost on the child, so I imagine she’ll survive.


I love Daft Punk, I love to dance to Daft Punk, and I really love cool-ass videos like this one. Totally synced, this is 2 minutes of awesome.

(Thanks to B-Rand for the introduction.)

So in all the months I’ve had a blog, I’ve never posted a song by my boy. And today I finally will just because I can. And I know some (one) of you are haters, but at least listen to it once.

Both the song, Stay or Leave, and Tim Reynolds accompanying, are amazing.

(Gotta turn it up to hear it well, and give it a couple seconds, the camera steadies.)

Yeah. I’m phoning this one in too. Sorry.

But this is cute and redeems my underwhelm..edness(?) of the movie. It’s both the song I’ve had in my head, and some sweet clips.

Happy Tuesday amigos.

ETA: Apparently I am a horrible person, b/c the Oscar noms were just announced, and Juno was nominated in the Best Picture, Screenplay, Director and Leading Actress categories! That’s pretty cool.

Whew. That took a lot of willpower not to write ‘Monday’ after that. (Must… try…harder…fight… cheesy…alliteration..)

So hullo, how was your weekend? Mine was good. I was finally introduced to the dark side (aka, the British ‘Office’), and I have to admit it was worth it – props to Brandon. I love my shiny Hollywood show, but the English version is so much more believably awkward. The people aren’t beautiful, the lighting isn’t bright – it’s so real. I still maintain that Dwight Schrute is a genius character, maybe one of the best ever, but I can safely love them both like children that are similar and yet different.

I got to see one of my oldest friends, Sara (aka Sugar or Tuck), for a bit on Saturday. I enjoyed seeing her son Isaiah, but I was unabashed that the reason I was going mostly was to see her daughter, Stella, who might truly be one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. And I have to swallow a lot of pride when I say that, because I have some damn cute kids. Her eyes were so fiercely blue, and she looked at you with this look in her eye like she’s no dummy so don’t bother trying. God she’s cute.

Next it was a good old fashioned cry-down with Megawhomp. And lest I give the impression that I eat like a bird, I’ll let you know that we got a pizza and I consumed, uh, multiple pieces in about a minute and a half. I was close to gnawing on my arm I was so freaking hungry. (I was also glad there were no boys around, because it was hot.) We ended up watching Bridges of Madison County, which historically has necessitated the ugly-cry shirt (y’know, when kleenex aren’t enough? I know the women out there surely know of what I speak) but thankfully was not needed this time. I dunno, I’ve seen it in different stages of my life and I thought I’d be more upset than I was. I will say that I think maybe ol’e Clint Eastwood might have been a hottie way back. It kind of skeeves me to say that, but it’s the truth.

Then Meg and I crashed the guy’s night back at our house, and we all played Guitar Hero for a couple hours. We lead exciting lives, people.

But aside from a (not surprisingly) wordy weekend recap, the reason I meant to post today was that I thought I might share some of my favorite songs on my playlist d’jour, so that if anyone else wants to expand their musical repertoire this year, maybe one of these will be a candidate. They’re all a bit slow, and that’s not reflective of my mood, but more that I generally don’t think to pass on fast songs – I’m too picky and I assume others are as well. I figure if you have a soul, SURELY one of these songs will catch you. Now, if you’re a music snob (*cough*Brandon*cough*) and won’t bother to even listen to them, well I can’t help you.


So, randomly:

Lucy Kaplansky – “This Is Home” This song isn’t overtly mindblowing, but it’s very sweet and has the sneaky ability to make you cry. It’s a cuddle song.


The National – “Start A War” This is my newest favorite. I couldn’t find the lyrics online so I actually spent time writing them down line by line. ..Luckily it’s not that complicated. And if you’re curious, he’s saying (I think) But if it went away, I’ll get it open now. I’ll get money, I’ll get funny again.


Bonnie Raitt – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” Yeah, I know, not much of a pick-me-up. But I’ve loved this for many years and it’s so pretty. This woman is amazing.


And finally we have my bi-annual push to spread the word on one of the most beautiful songs EVAR: Sia – “Breathe Me”.

Man I love this song. And what’s surprising is that I don’t usually love this kind of breathless, almost whiskey-voiced singing. It goes against all musical training I’ve ever had and usually makes me want to clear my throat or blow in their face (it forces a person to take a deep breath). But the lyrics and music suckered me with this one, big time. I love how she’s timid and vulnerable in the soft beginning, with the repetitive piano note to give a slight discomfort to it. Then when she repeats the second verse she’s less ashamed of asking for help, and the music begins to build. Finally it crescendos to the last section of the song being just competing rhythms and sounds, with multiple violins (sigh) added. There doesn’t need to be any more lyrics because everything has been said. Bellissimo, this is one of my favorites of all time.

So there you go. Happy (music) Monday. 😉




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