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So I exercised my cool-ass civil duty today, and the whole time I waited in my 40-minute line (so yeah, vote early if you can, kids, I imagine next Tuesday may be craaaazy) I kept giggling thinking of Borat in this:


Or: House-sitting for a family whose internet is broken.

Until I’m done, read this and start a debate! I expect profound comments when I get back, people. 😉

OR: I steal everything from Jamie McJ (and should be paying her some sort of fee, perhaps).

So check your status and/or register to vote, before you miss the deadline.

(Doesn’t qualify his opinion politically, I know, but it sure adds to his hotness. The fact that I happened to agree with every word only adds to our destiny together.)

(Gracias Abby. I love you also on this rainy morning.)

Got this from a gal on my parenting board. Never heard of him, but I think it’s pretty clever.

Running for Office: It’s Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner



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