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I’m supposed to come back Wednesday.

I make no promises.

(Which is what Jack dubbed my uncle’s house. Despite efforts to explain that Codoredo was a state just like Kansas, he insisted otherwise. We also ate at resronks, so whatever. Life is always more interesting in Jack-land.)

And I wish I could have some clever regaling of stories, but the truth is that this place is simply my utopia, and I don’t know how to explain it without bragging about its awesomeness. There are a lot of fun things to do (pool, hot tub, alpacas, batting cage, Rockband, basketball hoop, pool table etc..) but more than that there is the family that makes me laugh. And laugh we did, to the point where my abs were more sore than than my sport-playing arms. We visited a brewery with yummy beer. We went to Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods. We did the Zoo. We made many amazing meals and we drank stupid amounts of beer. Stupid amounts. Mostly we just played and spent time with loved ones.

It was awesome.

So, because I’m still tired, I’m going to post some pics and plug in a song. You can pretend you were there too. Cheers.

It was sunny EVERY SINGLE day. (That’s so ironic it’s.. bah.)

Whatever, the trip rocked.

We listened to some Pharoahe Monch.

We saw/visited/ate at the Space Needle, EMP, a Sonics game, the ferry to Bainbridge Island, some seafood and sushi restaurants, Salumi, Seattle Center, Pike Place Market, the Aquarium, Volunteer Park, a jazz/rock show by Crack Sabbath and U of WA.

We took pictures, and you can see it all here. 😉

But that’s all I gots today, friends. I am stupidly exhausted and spending time with the kidlets.

Happy Monday!



But today it is still here. That said, I’ma go play now.



Keep all of us in your prayers, I’ll be back next week!


Forgetting to wear socks for your security check and walking barefoot a hundred feet in the Atlanta airport.

What’s grosser than that?

Having your left pinky-toe slide through something wet on the way. Yummo.


I’ll write more later if Lo naps during school.

Hooray for being home!

I’m nervous and sad and excited and my eyes burn a little from crying but hey! at least I thought ahead enough to put makeup on after Jon took the kids to the pumpkin patch.

It’s been 5 years since I traveled by myself. It was a business trip for work and I was newly pregnant. I don’t like to travel much, and this trip will be a gauntlet of incidences of stepping out of comfort zones. But that’s good. It’s been easy to cocoon myself these past few years, and I need to actually do these things All. By. Myself once in a while.

I’m sure once I get there, though, I’ll be stoked. 8:00am-10:00pm every day discussing baby cookin’ and deliverin’? That is a comfort zone for me.

So wish me happy and safe thoughts, and miss me terribly. See you next Monday!

So I saw this article today about a hotel opening up in space. Really. Apparently in 2012 people can spend $4 mil to spend three days in space, watching 15 sunrises and floating in a room with water bubbles to shower. And I googled it and found the homepage Galactic Suite which has, in my opinion, an odd image of an in-utero fetus (for comparison to weightlessness) and a yoga-positioned woman staring at an image of Earth. The picture of the rocket with the brand on the side (like you’d see on a commercial plane) cracks me up, though.

Actually, considering the billions of dollars being spent on this, I’m kind of surprised the website is as mediocre as it is. The font’s cheesy (I know, it’s supposed to be alien-ish), the timing is way too fast and the song is distracting. I guess I just have high expectations for a website about VACATIONING IN SPACE.

They should work on that and I’ll save up my money. In the meantime Misty, you should send a resume b/c you would totally rock that site. And you and Sammy do have a goal to go worldwide every year, right? Well they’re already taking reservations. 😉

Today my better half is the big 2-9. So if you get a chance, drop him a witty birthday greeting.

So let’s see.. I had big plans to discuss every detail about our trip, but sadly it seems things are sweeping along and I can’t seem to concentrate enough to remember every detail. I had been worried that I would be sensory overloaded like I was in Vegas, but aside from the airport and deathwish cabbies, New York didn’t overwhelm me at all. I. Loved. It. I loved the energy and individuality and tallness of it. I loved that there were so many cool things within walking distance. I loved the show we saw (despite heroic efforts by Ahhh-Liz to get us Wicked tickets) and the yummy food we ate. I loved seeing our friends. I loved the creepy statue-mimes and disco roller-bladers. I loved the older fella who is teaching Misty Spanish and the European tourists who were so naturally glamorous. I could totally live in New York if I could just bring my house and plop it in the middle of the garden next to Sam & Misty’s apartment. (That’s where my true suburban blood was strongest: I need… spaciousness too much.) Basically we’re already planning a trip in the Spring, that’s how much we loved it.

But I have a busy day so I need to go. Tomorrow I think we should finally get around to discussing HP so be ready. And in honor of our trip and Jon’s birthday, here’s the coolest thing we got:

Ok, we’re still in munchkinland but I had a second to post this as a quick summary. So listen to a little Muse’s ‘Starlight’ and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blog tomorrow.

Big love to Sam & Misty for a wonderful time! Thanks!

Trip awesome more later kids now.



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