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I am thisclose to getting possibly the last handful of tickets to the concert tomorrow night.  Lovelovelove seeing him live. Cross your fingers.

“The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side”

Fun video for a sweet song.


Float trip recap:  It was cold and wet, and the river and campground were empty: I was in hog heaven. But, to prove irrefutably that we must be old, there were 13 people – average age… 29? – and after we cooked dinner on Saturday, we were all in our tents by EIGHT THIRTY. And given that Lo still likes to poke me in the forehead to wake me up at 6:15 most days, I wasn’t complaining, but still…

Secondly, my friend Rachel wrote a great post I had been planning to link to. She’s much more defined about the constraints of her faith, but I agree with the sentiment regardless. It taps into a lot of the cynicism (and hypocrisy) I’ve always felt trying to fit into what I consider the modern ‘American Christian’ mold, and why I’ve sort of decided to be done with it all, honestly. And I suppose I should explain a bit more, considering this is (for me, at least) a pretty big departure from where I was at, but truthfully, I’m just too tired to attempt to muddle through it right now. So let’s just say this election is evoking a lot of pent up frustration, and I’m feeling more outspoken – but content – about MY idea of faith, than I have in years and years and hm… well.. ever, really.

(Huzzah for self-actualization, eh? 😉 )

So, MOVING ON, today’s YTT clip is one of the funniest phone calls I’ve ever heard. Most of the lines are used in our group’s lexicon, so if you ever hear me call myself a ‘plump Scotch girl’, you’ll know why. There are a couple cuss words (i.e., prolly not safe for some workplaces), but you have to find a way to watch it somehow, because the best is at the end* when he thinks the phone has hung up..


Huh. So this is the song I half-way thought about posting for the YTT installment I obviously didn’t do this week. It’s ‘Fake Empire’ by The National, and is easily in my Top 10 (of all time, perhaps). Such cool tempo changes and trumpets and piano and drums and stuff.

Anyhoo, reading Jamie’s blog today introduced me to the video below, which, happily, has my song in the background. I don’t think it’s nearly as cool as the will. i. am video, but regardless, it’s timely.

Therefore, tadow, we have two lazy (and unoriginal!) posts in one. 😛

Hope your weekend is well, friends. I’m headed to another float trip, but this time the weather will be a balmy… 70 degrees, so I’m curious how the river will feel this time. Good times, though, surely.


I didn’t have much to say earlier, and I still don’t, but I figured I’d marry the Monday and Tuesday entries into a single Mueday one (or Tonday, I suppose. Whichever, the puns still fit.) since I feel neglectful and I know tomorrow will be busy.

So, had a fun, busy and game-filled weekend. Kickball on Friday, Olympics (GO PHELPS GO!) and poker game on Saturday and the Royals on Sunday. Thank God Jack was mungly and we had to leave early, because that game went into TWELVE innings. Crazy.

We found out that a friend of ours is Jack’s teacher for this year, which is great news. I really think she will be firm enough with him and honest enough with me to continue our success. Also, the transition should be easier since he knows her. But, whenever we’ve talked about it, he’s proclaimed that he will definitely go to Kindergarten, but not school. So we’ll see what that really means on Friday. Send some relaxed vibes this direction, por favor, because I just have a feeling it’s either going to be awesome or simply horrible. There’s rarely an in between with Jack. Sigh.

Let’s see.. I’m sort of bummed about Bernie Mac, but the Isaac Hayes news means virtually nothing to me. And that actually kind of makes me feel guilty, since really, I knew neither, so whatever feelings I have seem arbitrary anyway. Odd how that works, eh? I mean, I don’t know Matt Damon either, but it’s a safe bet I’d be more than ‘sort of bummed’ if he died.

Good thing he’s invincible.

So here’s the latest Teen Girl Squad entry on Homestarrunner. Be aware if you’ve never gone there that the humor is.. particular. We giggle like idiots, but that’s because we’ve watched enough to anticipate the characters.

Oh, I know! My birthday is in SIX DAYS. I will be thirty…. one. Not very exciting. But regardless, mark your calendars for August 17th. I was born a day after Elvis died and my mom said that the gal in the hospital room with her was distraught, and named her kid Elvis. Poor guy. I think of him every year.

Finally, the YTT(M) installment is a DJ called Girl Talk. He has mashed some of the coolest songs* evar, and I picked the section that seemed the most accessible here. I totally love it, but I think it’s probably not up everyone’s alley. At any rate, if you do dig it, go here and download it for free ala Radiohead. Good times.

*If you go to Youtube you can see the lists of songs used in each section.

Lorelei: Sidusler sqjeklru wcsersdlfjwl!

Me: What honey?

Lorelei: Tsdser serkfjwulc

Me:…You want grubs?

Lorelei: Yeah! Gwubs!


Apparently The Hoff took Bradley when his wife was preggers. And somehow, sadly, that makes teaching this even cooler than knowing Keifer Sutherland is a Bradley brat.


Jack: Are you excited about going to the wedding with Maggie next Friday?

Me: Uh.. there’s no wedding next Friday, honey.

Jack: Well why not?

Me: We don’t know anyone getting married.

Jack: You don’t have any friends?

Me: Yes, we have friends. But none of them are getting married next Friday.

Jack: Well how about Saturday?

Me: Honey, there are no weddings for us to go to anytime soon.

Jack: Well Maggie has a headache, and baby Miles throwed, so she’ll feel better before we go on the plane to the wedding next Friday. We’ll eat hyper ice cream and it will be so much fun!

Me: Whatever you say, goober.

Jack: You stay home while Daddy and Lorelei and Jack goes on the boat to the wedding.

Me: Sounds like a plan!


YTT: Proof that my boyfriend is psychic as well.

Hola, how is everyone? It will be another stupidly hot day here in the middle of America, so I’m going to take dinner to cook on the sidewalk when we’re at the park today. Sigh. I hate summer. YES, I DO.

So I saw Rosemary’s Baby recently. I’d always heard it was creepy as hell, but I have to say I was surprisingly (especially for me, an avowed scary movie avoider) unfrightened. Sure the premise is fascinating and plausible enough. But maybe because it was filmed in the 60s – thus for me ruining the idea of suspension of disbelief needed – or because I can’t relate to the idea of protagonists that annoyingly naive, but I couldn’t get into it. Virtually every character seemed farcical to me, so I was interested throughout, but aside from a few moments of suspense, I was not affected. And the scene at the end where she makes her final discovery was almost laughable to me, really. I mean, COME ON! And I say all this as someone with no elitism about films, so I’ll go ahead and put out there that maybe I’m the one missing something if all the film buffs I’ve ever met loved it. I like the way Polanski set up some of the shots, and the clothing/setting/makeup was great, but the rest was very eh to me. Anyone agree or disagree? What’s your favorite scary movie?

Let’s see.. Mmm haven’t seen Dark Knight yet, so I’d appreciate if everyone on earth could hold off a little longer to discuss it so I can join in, mkay? Especially because of this article about Christian Bale possibly assaulting his mother and sister. I don’t know, but I refuse to believe it. I dig Mr. Bale, and I don’t want that ruining my experience. Bah.

I have 6 days to read Reading Lolita in Tehran before my book club. It’s my challenge to do it.

And finally, the youtube installment for today is The Tiny’s ‘Closer’.

Ok, all the rambling I have for today. Happy Tuesday, friends.

Still pushing this group, Frightened Rabbit. Love them, kids. LOVE. THEM. They’re simply amazing and the newest album is my current soundtrack.

Is that you, in front of me, coming back for even more as I’ll be the same.

Well you must be, a masochist, to love a modern leper on his last leg.

I am ill, but I’m not dead – and I don’t know which of those I’d prefer.

Because that limb, which I have lost, it was the only thing holding me up.

Holding me up..

Random story: Yesterday at the gym I saw my aerobics teacher from high school. Her name is Ms. Zyrbl, but we all just called her miserable. (She told a girl in my class once that she wouldn’t look like a whale if she would just work harder. Seriously.) And I find it appropriate and Pavlovian that I immediately ran faster when I recognized her. But more than that, I laughed when I remembered that she gave my best friend and I a pad of signed passes so that we could get out of 5th hour study hall every day for an extended lunch. Apparently she remembered that also, because when she crossed in front of me, she smiled and winked. Or she just approved of my pace. Either way it was a fun memory.

Also, here’s a really cool montage of portraits of women in Western Art. Take 3 minutes of your day and watch it.

Finally, today’s youtubetuesday installment is a new one by Sigur Ros. I can’t spell it so you’ll have to check for yourself how it’s done – in Icelandic. But it’s cool and is not helping Thom Yorke much.


(Or something like that. I can’t quite figure out what the official title is.)

Ok, so as another example of me being behind, this is one of those cool-people things that I was just introduced to this weekend. And whooeee was it worth the wait. Those of you at work? Turn it down and lean in close if you have to. This. Clip. Rocks. (I’ll put the lyrics underneath.)

This gal has a following, and actually tours. Love it.

Wick wicky wicky wack
On the way to the club we pass a Dairy Queen
You stop cause it you know it means so much to me
We take the back seats out of your mini van
Now we roll like a hummer or a full size sedan
Now park this thing real close to the club
And feel free to break out the golden lady rug
And hold my hand when we approach the bouncer
I don’t wanna look like a hungry camp counselor
Cause this is how we go out
In my town roll down the windows
Let Reba crack the bass
Wave to the hot pocket people with the smiles on they’re face
Waiting and wanting just a good time on the dance floor
Shake it if you wanna hear more
Stomp once to hear Britney
Now twice for Beyonce
Now three times if you wanna hear me get nasty (girl get nasty)

All I wanna do is the ziga-zig ahh
A little louder now cause I can’t hear yea
You get me hotter than a stick a hot glue
And I’m scrapbooking everything we do
Ring ring ring- that’s my cell
Bring the bling when I sing of course I will
Hand it to me to get the people shocked
Myspaced by my lovers can you hear my beat talken
It says I love you
I arrive looking good and thankfully
My pants do stretch which allow me to be
Free on the dance floor but not a cheap date
I poured the body glitter on cause I never hesitate
Now my master plan is to shock then tease
Break ever heart than bust my knees
Proven and groven my brand new dance
Might just be the greatest in the lands
Then the crowd says ahhhhhh when I do my scissor kicks
Then the crowd screams ohhhhh when I do my lady flips
It’s two o’clock and the club is closed
Everyone’s heading home
I’ll see you next weekend
Then I get a tip about a party
Three blocks away

And it’s Tuesday, I’m going to do it again. Because other than this being Jack’s last day of school, there just ain’t much happening ’round here.

(I don’t think you want to hear the details of antibiotics, changing wound dressings and force feeding liquified cat food, right? Didn’t think so.)

Here’s to a good day!

So. I’m thinking of nixing the YTT theme, b/c I have no idea if anyone cares. But, since WordPress took down the music application, it’s one of the ways to add music, so… eh. I’ll decide next week. Pipe up if you have an opinion.

And this week’s entrant is an older story. Back before Jack was verbal, I sang this song to him while it was in my rotation for a few weeks (substituting the words can’t take my eyes off of Jack for can’t take my eyes off of you). Months later, still nonverbal, he randomly hummed it to me one night, and I eventually figured out what he was singing.

It’s been our song ever since.

SO, in the off-chance this is the last installment, I might as well make it a tear-jerker, eh? Love Damien Rice, love the song ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ and love Jack. Huzzah. 😉

No real reason to post this, it’s just stuck in my head and I can’t think of anything else.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

A very sweet video for a sweet song. Happy Tuesday, y’all.



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