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(Which is what Jack dubbed my uncle’s house. Despite efforts to explain that Codoredo was a state just like Kansas, he insisted otherwise. We also ate at resronks, so whatever. Life is always more interesting in Jack-land.)

And I wish I could have some clever regaling of stories, but the truth is that this place is simply my utopia, and I don’t know how to explain it without bragging about its awesomeness. There are a lot of fun things to do (pool, hot tub, alpacas, batting cage, Rockband, basketball hoop, pool table etc..) but more than that there is the family that makes me laugh. And laugh we did, to the point where my abs were more sore than than my sport-playing arms. We visited a brewery with yummy beer. We went to Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods. We did the Zoo. We made many amazing meals and we drank stupid amounts of beer. Stupid amounts. Mostly we just played and spent time with loved ones.

It was awesome.

So, because I’m still tired, I’m going to post some pics and plug in a song. You can pretend you were there too. Cheers.

So would you believe me if I told you that WordPress changed their internal design, and I feel like it stole my writing mojo? I open up a blank page and immediately my lip curls up at the unfamiliarity of it.

(That and I think it’s because Jon sent the blog to a thousand old friends as a way to tell them about our life and I have stage fright suddenly. Thanks, H. Pimp. Maybe you should update your blog more than once every three months, hmm?)

Anyway, how is everyone? Things are rolling merrily along here I s’pose. I saw an article recently about how the mumps vax is conclusively useless and I really wanted to rant/boast/drone on about it. But then I looked and saw a theme of my most recent posts and decided I’d lose more people if I became that person all the time. 😉

Royals season has started, we went on Tuesday and will again on Saturday. I love going to games, though probably not for the right reasons (i.e., the game – though it was pleasurable to see A-Rod play this week, heh). It’s funny how conditioned I’ve become to craving a hot dog as soon as I step into the stadium. A hot dog! Blech! Unfortunately for this week though, it’s cold and rainy with a chance of snow (SNOW! DO YOU HEAR ME? SNOW!) this weekend. This isn’t the Chiefs we’re watching here, people. Oh well. I love the adventure, if not the windburn.

The halflings are doing fairly well. School has become tremendously easier with Jack riding the bus home. We have his IEP meeting next week and I know I’ll be able to write in a bus schedule for next year. I’m debating about letting him ride both ways, but I’m torn. I was talking to a good friend yesterday who homeschools her kids, and the old guilt came back that I’ve just given up to let other people take care of Jack. And the deep-down truth is that the benefit of his learning social skills in a specifically-structured setting is only ancillary to the fact that I get a break every day. And I know I’m validated in wanting some respite, but I know that I chose the school option because of it, and that makes me sad. I really hope to re-examine homeschooling in a few years, maybe when I feel less tapped-out, because philosophically I think it can be an awesome learning possibility. But for now, this is what is best for everyone.

Lorelei is simply the cutest damn thing ever. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a girl, or that there’s just so much less stress because developmentally she’s on-time, but some days she is the brightest light in my life. Even her screeching tantrums can’t get to me, they just seem so.. understandable to me. And it’s another example of that autism-lens through which I find myself parenting even when I don’t want to, but I’m not sure I can always stop it. It’s bittersweet.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the Bradley academy to start provisionally teaching (really, have I mentioned the antiquity of that place? Bah. ) but I’m thinking of taking a writing course somewhere. We’ll see, though. I tend to hover between needing to be social and busy and resisting too much structured expectation of my time. Snort.

Jon’s work is picking up a bit after some crappy recession-induced drama, but he’s getting ready to go on a bunch of business trips, so I’m trying to shore up for that. We’re almost done with all seasons of The Wire, so I think I’ll arrange our Netflix queue to send me every chickflick available while he’s gone. Merchant Ivory, here I come!

And that’s it for now, methinks. We’ll follow the proverbial North Star back to my beloved Colorado in June sometime, so as the weather gets warmer that magnetic pull will keep me going. If anyone wants to join us, let me know – my uncle brews his own Guinness. *happy sigh*

Have a great weekend friends! I hope you’re all well.

Reasons today will be a great day:

1. It’s raining. Sigh.

2. I’m probably going to drink beer tonight. It’s just either going to be out in the crowds or relaxed at home.

3. I’m (part) Irish.

4. My daughter woke me up this morning by interlocking our fingers and resting her head against my hand.

5. It’s raining.

6. K-State got an 11 seed in the tourney.

7. Jack just shared his snacks with Lo, telling her he loved her.

8. We get to drive around today, listening to music when it’s cloudy. My favorite. Sigh.

9. This song, although not the quintessential Irish song, is a beloved dance favorite for our family, and apropos for today at least. Hope you all have a great day as well!

Flogging Molly’s ‘Drunken Lullaby’



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