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(i.e., randomly and falling off the tracks everywhere.)

I just realized tomorrow is the last day for the NaBloPoMo. I keep thinking of it as a finish line, like it was some sort of grueling marathon for me. But then I remember that this was a challenge to talk. Every day. About whatever I want. Which.. uh.. have you met me? That’s not a challenge, that’s me breathing.

Anyway, my lazy Sunday post was going to just be this picture, because I’m unabashedly in love with cute animals and cheesy captions.


BUT! Luckily, this is not a total brain waste, because giggling at this picture reminded me of a really cool article I read today in our Nat’l Geographic. So I’ll also post that to redeem all of us.

As a last note, please do read the Pharma piece I linked yesterday. I’ve never read anything that validated so clearly why I’m simply not crazy. And the truth is, I really believe if you read that whole thing and still disagree with my skepticism, well.. I think you’d have to be in denial. So please take the time, not just to humor me, but because it needs to be heard.

Smooches, friends. You know I bug you because I care. 😉

You don’t HAVE to watch that doc just to make me happy.

However, you MUST read this phenomenal blog entry.

Fo’real, this is one of the single best opinion pieces I’ve ever read.

I’m not kidding.




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