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I’d so audit this mutha (thanks Jay for the fwd):


A class on The Wire

UC Berkeley is offering a class called What’s so great about The Wire?

Discerning critics and avid fans have agreed that the five-season run of Ed Burns and David Simon’s The Wire was “the best TV show ever broadcast in America”–not the most popular but the best. The 60 hours that comprise this episodic series have been aptly been compared to Dickens, Balzac, Dreiser and Greek Tragedy. These comparisons attempt to get at the richly textured complexity of the work, its depth, its bleak tapestry of an American city and its diverse social stratifications. Yet none of these comparisons quite nails what it is that made this the most compelling “show” on TV and better than many of the best movies. This class will explore these comparisons, analyze episodes from the first, third, fourth and fifth seasons and try to discover what was and is so great about The Wire. We will screen as much of the series as we can during our mandatory screening sessions and approach it through the following lenses: the other writing of David Simon, including his journalism, an exemplary Greek Tragedy, Dickens’ Bleak House and/or parts of Balzac’s Human Comedy. We will also consider the formal tradition of episodic television.

They’re skipping season two? Shameful. (via unlikely words)

But I was tagged to do a music meme! And despite that I think most memes (ugh, I hate that they’re called that) are lame, I think I’ll do this one a) because I’m obviously bored, and b) it’s right up my nostalgic alley. What you’re supposed to do is pick a song for every five years you’ve been alive, and tell a memory that is associated either with the song specifically, or the time frame you heard it.


1. 1977-1982 – Lakewood, CO
Song: Peter Gabriel “Solsbury Hill” Everything about this song encapsulates my early memories in Colorado, which mostly include my mom’s family. As far as a specific memory, the only thing that really comes to mind is eating McDonald’s on Friday nights by myself in my grandparents’ basement, watching Dukes of Hazzard. But I was five, so the veracity of that could be a little suspect.


2. 1983-1988 – Arvada, CO
Song: Mr. Mister “Broken Wings”I took a gymnastics class where we stretched to this song, and all I really remember about the class is my friend Ray, who could do a standing back flip. He also slammed on the brakes of his 10-speed once and flipped up his back tire completely perpendicular to the ground; it was totally awesome.


3. 1989-1994 – Arvada,CO/ Shawnee Mission, KS
Song (CO): Bell Biv Devoe “Poison”I rode the bus in 8th grade, and the two most salient memories are of a dog getting hit as he was running across the road, and listening to this song and feeling so cool. But holy batman in retrospect I can’t believe they let us listen to this stuff on the bus. (Remember “Do Me”? Damn.)

Song (KS): Smashing Pumpkins “Disarm”This song reminds me of junior prom, where my friends Bec, Josh, Justin and I all went as friends. We ate at some fancy restaurant that served escargot as part of the package, and rode in a limo. It was one of.. two? dances that wasn’t with my high school boyfriend (we were on a Ross/Rachel break, of course) and I remember being totally underwhelmed about it all. I really liked the people I went with, but man prom can be such a colossal waste of money.


4. 1995-2000 – Manhattan, KS
Song: Beastie Boys “Intergalactic”The vast majority of my college memories are tied to a group of guys who lived on 805 Bertrand. There was a huge group overall, but the ringleaders were these five. Really, some of my life’s most fond memories include this house; I’ve said many times it was integral to the rite of passage college is supposed to be. Beasties were of course a running staple, but this song in particular makes me smile b/c for Halloween the boys dressed up like the video, and even now I can’t not dance like they do when I hear it. It’s one of my favorite memories of Ryan, who drowned the following summer.


5. 2000-2005 – KC
Song: DMB “Dancing Nancies”Ahhhh.. Dave Matthews. I went to a handful of his concerts during this time, but the two that stand out were with Jon, Jenn Dav and Emily, and then Jon, Sammy and Meg. Whooee those were fun. I don’t really listen to a whole lot of Dave anymore, mostly because my age was becoming inverse to that of the majority of concert goers, but I will always have a soft spot for this song and Sandstone.


6. 2006- Present – KC
Song: Okkervil River “Our Life is Not a Movie, or Maybe”Really, I don’t know if I have any specific memories to this song; it’s only about a year old. But it was on a Best of 2007 compilation I was given last year, and it’s been a sleeper hit for me. There are some disharmonic parts that took me a while to get used to, but what I like about it is that it can fit in almost all of my moods. I’ve run while angry, cried, waved my hand through the air currents out the window while happily driving down the street, whatever. I just feel like it could be a song that in retrospect will have fit the..unpredictability that has been the last few years.

So there you go. I tag everyone, because it’s fun. Ciao!

I didn’t have much to say earlier, and I still don’t, but I figured I’d marry the Monday and Tuesday entries into a single Mueday one (or Tonday, I suppose. Whichever, the puns still fit.) since I feel neglectful and I know tomorrow will be busy.

So, had a fun, busy and game-filled weekend. Kickball on Friday, Olympics (GO PHELPS GO!) and poker game on Saturday and the Royals on Sunday. Thank God Jack was mungly and we had to leave early, because that game went into TWELVE innings. Crazy.

We found out that a friend of ours is Jack’s teacher for this year, which is great news. I really think she will be firm enough with him and honest enough with me to continue our success. Also, the transition should be easier since he knows her. But, whenever we’ve talked about it, he’s proclaimed that he will definitely go to Kindergarten, but not school. So we’ll see what that really means on Friday. Send some relaxed vibes this direction, por favor, because I just have a feeling it’s either going to be awesome or simply horrible. There’s rarely an in between with Jack. Sigh.

Let’s see.. I’m sort of bummed about Bernie Mac, but the Isaac Hayes news means virtually nothing to me. And that actually kind of makes me feel guilty, since really, I knew neither, so whatever feelings I have seem arbitrary anyway. Odd how that works, eh? I mean, I don’t know Matt Damon either, but it’s a safe bet I’d be more than ‘sort of bummed’ if he died.

Good thing he’s invincible.

So here’s the latest Teen Girl Squad entry on Homestarrunner. Be aware if you’ve never gone there that the humor is.. particular. We giggle like idiots, but that’s because we’ve watched enough to anticipate the characters.

Oh, I know! My birthday is in SIX DAYS. I will be thirty…. one. Not very exciting. But regardless, mark your calendars for August 17th. I was born a day after Elvis died and my mom said that the gal in the hospital room with her was distraught, and named her kid Elvis. Poor guy. I think of him every year.

Finally, the YTT(M) installment is a DJ called Girl Talk. He has mashed some of the coolest songs* evar, and I picked the section that seemed the most accessible here. I totally love it, but I think it’s probably not up everyone’s alley. At any rate, if you do dig it, go here and download it for free ala Radiohead. Good times.

*If you go to Youtube you can see the lists of songs used in each section.

First, the bruise update: Still hurts to poke, but the intergalactic message seems to have faded, so I’m assuming my role as conduit is over.

Second is a random cartoon I think is funny.

Next is a picture of what a future neck-ache looks like.

Finally, a song for my beloved Team Awesome, who plays their last kickball game tonight. I think a little Andrew W.K.’s “Party Hard” is apropos, yes?


Have a good weekend!

(Which is what Jack dubbed my uncle’s house. Despite efforts to explain that Codoredo was a state just like Kansas, he insisted otherwise. We also ate at resronks, so whatever. Life is always more interesting in Jack-land.)

And I wish I could have some clever regaling of stories, but the truth is that this place is simply my utopia, and I don’t know how to explain it without bragging about its awesomeness. There are a lot of fun things to do (pool, hot tub, alpacas, batting cage, Rockband, basketball hoop, pool table etc..) but more than that there is the family that makes me laugh. And laugh we did, to the point where my abs were more sore than than my sport-playing arms. We visited a brewery with yummy beer. We went to Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods. We did the Zoo. We made many amazing meals and we drank stupid amounts of beer. Stupid amounts. Mostly we just played and spent time with loved ones.

It was awesome.

So, because I’m still tired, I’m going to post some pics and plug in a song. You can pretend you were there too. Cheers.

For the love of all that is holy I wish I had thought about that before I posted that picture. I figured the whole doula/Bradley thing might have bought me some credence, but I guess not. You all must not have read the last 6 month’s worth of me saying I think today I might lose my mind.

(Trust me, if’n we ever make that decision, surely you will have heard me debate it with all of myselves on here first.)

So, happy Monday! I had such a fun weekend. Here’s why:

1) We leave for Seattle in two days. TO DRINK AND EAT SUSHI. I CAN’T BE PREGNANT, SEE.

2) On Friday, after the kids were down, I stepped out for a bit to see a friend in town (Jimmy aka Jim, Jimmy James, Leggs), and to have adult conversation for an hour on a crazy day. Thank you Jon, I appreciate it greatly.

3) Our good friend from college, Brandi, sent me the German goods – chocolate and ear plugs. Behold:



Now, I don’t speak German. But I do know that one of the ingredients listed on the back of that manna from heaven is Butterfett, which, despite my attempt otherwise to be ignorant, I know is the cognate it looks like. But oh man is that Butterfett good stuff. And the earplugs were sent in reference to my mentioning needing them for sensory overload in every day life, but the timing of those babies (which, ironically, I thought they were condoms at first) is poyfect, because when I really need them is for the flight.

Very thoughtful of you, Freund. Danke

4) Some more good friends, our beloved Sam & Misty, were also in town. On Saturday, Brandon, Jon and I walked 5 blocks in a stupid downpour to go to a crazy-fun new dueling piano bar called Howl At The Moon located in the starting-to-be-revitalized downtown area called the Power and Light District. The main musician (Ryan McCall, go see him and tip well) who plays is good friends with Sam & Mist, so we went to hear him and see them. Unfortunately, the three of us were the only idiots in all of KC who a) didn’t park in the attached parking garage, and b) couldn’t be bothered to bring an umbrella.

(How do you say drowned rat in German?)


We missed Misty and Jamie, Ryan’s wife, by about 20 minutes, but luckily M&S stopped by last night to hang and talk babies (hers, not mine, see) and politics. Holy batman I adore them and sorely miss New York. In fact I may still accidentally get on a flight heading East on Wednesday. It’s a strong pull. It’s also a testament of my adoration that I’m going to post a horrible picture, but only b/c every time they come into town, the pictures of Misty never come out. So, be so amazed by my bravery and their beauty you just skim over it, mmkay?


Finally, to cap off my weekend, M&S brought me a sweet purse bought on the actual streets of New York. I have no idea if it’s real, stolen, knock-off or not supposed to be, but I lurve it. Again, thank you friends.

Fo’ real, I am very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I appreciate and love you all, and will moreso when we start curbing the procreating rumors.


Just wanted to add a quick eat ’em up for my Cats.

Go State!


I can not stop laughing at this poor kid’s face.


(Thanks to Beth for the idea.)

Today’s snow is not good enough for a snowman.


But it is for a snowball. 8)


Hot chocolate all around – spiked if you want to come play!

And Larry King (I kid you not). So looking like an Israeli windsurfing champion and a Cantonese pop singer is a step up.

And Mizzes Plath and McDormand?

That’s an honor and totally worth looking like men.


..from Sara via Lawson.

You have to click on it to read it, but I think it’s funny, so.. yeah.

Anyone else remember playing the turtle game on the old Apples in elementary school? With 5 inch monitors and green screens and gigantic floppy discs that had the middle ring you COULDN’T TOUCH BECAUSE YOU’D ERASE ALL THE DATA!

Fun times.


I unabashedly follow whatever Misty does, as she is one of my bastions of cool. So accordingly, I saw her (what are these called again?) and had to have one.

And I was originally dressed in a glamorous sequined gown, dancing in a grand ballroom, but let’s be realistic here: the vast majority of the time I’ll be wearing something close to this. And you should thank me, because you were thisclose to seeing me do the Pop, Drop and Lock – over and over again.

Heh heh.

So surely you’ve seen the meme game where you list obscure things about yourself. I totally dug them when they were running around myspace, b/c how fun is it to talk about yourself, er, well, you know. However, I’m seriously running out of things to say, especially since I talk so much there’s nothing you guys don’t probably know about me. But I like Alissa, so I’ll do it. I *refuse* to create a meme tag, though.


1. I have no waist (or hips), and pants are forever falling off me. Most of my clothing will slide right down my bum if I run long enough. I am literally a box.

2. To steal Alissa’s thought: I too love eating out of all kinds. I associate it not only with the luxury of frivolous money, but also a release from my dreaded kitchen. I’m a snob about organic food until you offer me some Taco Johns. YUM.

3. Sometimes I entertain the thought of moving away with my family so I can start over. Like I could shake off the old me and start new. I think it’s a valid idea for some people, but for me it would just be running, and that’s not going to solve anything, so luckily I’m (somewhat) wise enough to realize that.

4. You know the blackness behind your eyelids when you close them? When I can’t sleep at night I take the covers off for a bit to get chilly, then re-cover myself and try and visualize going down a slide tunnel (think tube slides on the playground) or a galaxy wormhole with that blackness. If I concentrate long enough to actually visualize sliding down the tunnel, I will be out immediately.

5. I have such a stupid sweet tooth I will eat things I don’t really like just because it has something sugary on it. Like cheesecake. It actually skeeves me out, but put some chocolate and toffee bits on it? By all means gimme some! Blech.

6. I love the smell of tequila. I’m at least grown up enough that I can’t just drink it (alone) for fun, but I still love the smell. I know most of you are retching, and I agree. I’m like that will all other alcohols. But something about tequila, I dunno.

7. I talk a big tomboy talk, but really I’m a kinda-poser. My friend Cyndi is a fo’real football fan, but I learn just enough to sound smart (I have to. My husband was a sports writer. Our first fight was why I didn’t understand the difference b/w a baseball hit and run. Jerk.). But we’ve been watching HBO’s Hard Knocks about the Chiefs*, and I’m actually really stoked about this season. I tell you, add some music to make it montage-y, have Paul Rudd narrate and I’ll love anything. Yum.

8. I have an old, curmudgeonly cat named Lucky. He’s so obnoxious (….how obnoxious is he?!) that in college we had a sun-tea pitcher on the TV by the front door and it was labeled the ‘Lucky De-Claw and Neuter Trust Fund’. I raised like, $80 with that thing, seriously. But now that we have the little guy, I have taken serious karma-pleasure in seeing Lucky get SCHOOLED by Oscar. It’s great. He’s not getting hurt or anything, but it’s still great to see him get attacked as he walks around a corner. What goes around comes around, buddy.

And yeah, I know that last one isn’t about me at all, but really, I stretched to do this list anyway. As far as who to tag? Uh.. I don’t know, lots of you don’t have blogs. Maybe Mads or Casey. Lauren, Lawson, Misty or Tracy. Sugar! I tag Sara.

Get listin’ everyone. Ciao.


*But I know enough to trash talk, and I’m not kidding Laws you better hope your boy Brodie Croyle is worth his rep or I’m going to give you crap the entire season. I mean it.

Once a month or so I email a group of technogeeks.. uh, I mean my friends, for computer help. I’m in a standoff most of the time with this POS I’m writing on currently, and yearn for the day I can Office Space the junk.

And since I don’t have anything much else interesting to say today, that’s my segue/excuse to post a random Youtube Tuesday clip from my beloved Eddie Izzard. Enjoy.


(Or possibly Maurice, Brick Tamlin, Wes Mantooth, Baxter, Buster Bluth, Bob Loblaw or Ernie. We haven’t decided yet.)

Either way, happy early birthday to me!


P.S. It’s important you realize how much effort it took for me not to write some lame lolcat subject line to this.



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