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Who would have named Maire Venkman if he could have.

  • Was introduced to this today. I’d heard about “Prop 8 – The Musical”, but didn’t realize this was out there. 😉
  • Some pictures of my halflings as they continue grow. Hot damn but I make cute kids. Have I ever said that?




I simply cannot hide anymore just how much of a dork I am. The kids get it from me.

I legitimately laughed out loud when I saw this (well the kitten’s face if not the text), and I tried to move on, but half an hour later I’m still giggling thinking about it.


Therefore, I give up. I think I’m going to have to make this a weekly thing.

I’m so sorry.

Without actually having the capabilities to do so. I just don’t have very much I can talk about right now, but I know that’ll change soon, so uh, yeah. There you go.

Saw my beloved favorite New Yorkers last weekend:


Sam got some video of Lo hamming it up, and Maire’s cackling was the sweetest thing I’d seen in a long time. Love and miss you all, friends. It was great seeing you.


Let’s see.. Here’s a story that I realize has to be worded this way, but just struck me as such a colossal NO SHIT kind of obviousness:

Evangelicals, Republicans were biggest backers of gay marriage ban.

Whatever. Ridiculous all-around.


So officially I want to be Dooce. Well, I want to write like Dooce. I’m not the first to say it, either. I had a conversation recently about writing for fun vs as a living, and she flitted across my mind, along with the daydream of getting paid to blog. (Well, ok the last few months would be a poor portfolio, but let’s pretend this is a hiatus.) She is my current hilarious and self-deprecating writer heroine.

[Love the Fug Yourself girls also, but I have a harder time convincing people it’s the writing that keeps me going back there, so Dooce lends some credibility. Snort.]

And I think that’s it for today, which is good, because I just looked over and saw Lorelei finger painting with my coffee on the white chair rail. Woot!

Happy Thursday, everyone.

A) This is fracking hilarious. Computer nerd or not.

2. So I made this sauce the other day? Uhhhhmaaaaziiinnngggg. And if you know me, you know I can’t cook. Like at all. So this goes beyond coup to.. I dunno. Orbit. Make it soon, and send money to Miss Chick for royalties.

3) Jack was sent to the principal’s office yesterday for acting out and general fartknockery. Apparently there’s a new para in his class, and he decided this week he was going to test his teacher to see what she would do. Now he knows. I totally get and support the philosophies behind homeschooling, but damn I heart the staff at his school, and it bears repeating again. That probably seems odd considering we’re talking about punishment, but these are social growing pains every child goes through – it’s just a fact – and knowing I am not able to provide what he needs in this arena, this is the best place I could have asked for to support him as he grows. It’s tenuous, interacting and communicating with him, and they are as committed to figuring it out as I am.

4. Top Chef season 5 has started! I have a small crush on Tom Colicchio, though I have to laugh that his bio says he learned to cook with the help of French manuals, and yet he totally derided a contestant last night for suggesting the exact same thing. Maybe I can learn to cook by.. television osmosis?

e) The job I just left involved customized labels being put on bottled water, and this is the new label about to be produced. I think it’s just cool as hell.


Ciao friends! Hope all is well in your worlds!


(Though like a small child, I am easily amused, so I guess that doesn’t mean much.)

Sorry! But I’ve been filing away things I wanted to share, so even if I’m copping out with all the links, my intentions are good (and totally random). That said:

1. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the debate. And everyone should watch this at some point, because Tina Fey has officially creeped me out with the realism of her impersonation. I also like this and this and this and this.

(Thanks to my blogger friends and those who shared those with me.)

2. This is a genius (and simple) way to explain the mortgage crisis crizap: subprimecrisisinanutshell-1. A situation that has lead to this, which should make the above stick figures lose sleep.

3. Driving downtown yesterday, Jack declared that we were in Nyun York City. God I love that kid. He also hit another milestone:


4. Finally, I give up, and fully admit that I am who this site is talking about. Pretty much always.


Happy Sunday,



Or: Things always seem better when you need them most.

Either way, this made me laugh, so that’s always good. Happy Friday, friends!

Miami Fug Machine

Why would Jon get a hand-addressed envelope with a newspaper clipping in it about some super-secret consumer debt packet that for a limited time can be had for free by sending in an address? And why would this clipping have a post-it note on it saying (handwritten, trust me, I can see the ink blotches) “Jon, Try this. It really works! – J”?

So. Weird. (And skeevy, b/c I’m absolutely convinced it’s a marketing ploy.)

In other random news, my Sarah Palin Baby Name is Soup Landmine Palin. Which, although interesting, is not NEARLY as awesome as my Wu-name, which was Topheavy Hookjaw. (Props to Mr. Preu for the share.)

Finally, I really don’t like LinkedIn much. Sure, it’s somewhat wise for me to keep in touch with old colleagues or friends who could hook me up with a fo’real big girl jobbyjob, but seeing all these fancy-ass titles the people my age have makes me grumpy and defensive. My current title says something about Freelance Writer (snort) but in reality it should be Former SAHM Looking To Switch Careers But Still Utilize Her Degree And Make Money. So if you’re on there and not my friend, look me up. And if you have something in your company that fits my skill set, let me know. Danke.

I fully intended to write all about these profound thoughts I had this morning.

But then I came home, stepped in cat puke, and all was lost.

So I’m going to cop-out again and link to this site I found this weekend. It makes me laugh for innumerable reasons, but this latest post made me choke on my drink.

Methinks I am so very, very typical.



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