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Random story: Yesterday at the gym I saw my aerobics teacher from high school. Her name is Ms. Zyrbl, but we all just called her miserable. (She told a girl in my class once that she wouldn’t look like a whale if she would just work harder. Seriously.) And I find it appropriate and Pavlovian that I immediately ran faster when I recognized her. But more than that, I laughed when I remembered that she gave my best friend and I a pad of signed passes so that we could get out of 5th hour study hall every day for an extended lunch. Apparently she remembered that also, because when she crossed in front of me, she smiled and winked. Or she just approved of my pace. Either way it was a fun memory.

Also, here’s a really cool montage of portraits of women in Western Art. Take 3 minutes of your day and watch it.

Finally, today’s youtubetuesday installment is a new one by Sigur Ros. I can’t spell it so you’ll have to check for yourself how it’s done – in Icelandic. But it’s cool and is not helping Thom Yorke much.




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