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Again, filler.

..The blog and I might need to DTR soon.

Happy New Year everyone!


We went to the K-State basketball game at the Sprint center last night with a group of friends. Beforehand we (and apparently 100 other people) stopped at a pub that had illogically staffed three people for the night, so we had to wait until getting to the game for overpriced food. This ended up fortuitous though, because Jon and Brandon both ordered a foot-long hotdog monstrosity with brisket and dried onions on it. I’ll assume they would suggest this conveniently-named ‘KC Dog’ if you’re ever around. Afterwards we stopped at a bar across the street where we discussed IQs while drunk sorority girls danced on tables. (Not implying there’s a correlation there or anything, just sayin’). Anyway, it was good times.

And I know this is Youtube Tuesday, but I needed to cache my pictures because I worry that I may be killing my camera, so I figured I’d post these few as a recap to make Sam jealous. I didn’t get everyone in the group (nor the guy next to us wearing the Joe Leonard jersey), and in quite a few pictures the focus was off, so luckily I have none of myself! Huzzah!

The Sprint Center


B-rand, Ben and Phil


Brothers Dork


Regardless, first potty dookies MUST be recorded for time immemorial.

So exciting and yet so bittersweet for me..

[[ETA: Too many people were searching for and clicking on the picture that was here, so I took it down. 3/1/08]]

In other news, we’ve been elfed. Everyone I know on the planet has done one, and I think they’re cute enough, but I don’t have the patience to wait for it to load half the time, so I didn’t have the energy to try and create one. The best reason to click and wait for this one though is b/c Lindsey accidentally put my face on the boy elf and her boyfriend Mike’s on the girl elf. I’ll let you insert appropriate jokes here if you wish.

And lastly I have a question for all my female friends out there (unless the guys know and are comfortable enough in their manhood to answer the question). We have a wedding this weekend and I want to wear a cute dress I’ve worn to all the weddings recently, but it’s obviously too freaking cold for it by itself. I have a nice coat, but the dress is sleeveless – don’t I need a wrap or shrug or something? Also, if I remember correctly, my heels need to be closed-toe, right?

Sigh. Sometimes being a girl is such a PITA. Good thing my calves are looking GREAT from all my elephant panic at the gym, right? 😀

Thanks again for the rescues yesterday, friends. It’s nice to feel loved. As Sam would say: Smooches all around.

Parenting and marriage are things you do every day, forever and ever. I mention this because after lying awake for a long time last night, listening to my (beloved) snoring husband, I got donkey-kicked out of the bed by my little heat-blasting octopus. Bah.

So. How is everyone doing? Did you have a good weekend? (Feel free to really answer – I’m not being rhetorical.) We were pretty low-key here. Obviously the royal prince asked and received his tree. I thought the poor child was going to actually explode he was so excited. I Grinchingly had forgotten the simple joy that Christmas brings to kids, since this is the first time he’s understood or cared. Of course, now that he knows this is December, every morning we are asked if it’s Christmas. Imagine how his head will explode when it really is, and he sees the bounty he’ll get – he has no idea that Christmas brings gifts. He just thinks it’s a day everyone talks about. Oy.

Let’s see.. I got to see lots of good friends, I had lots of interesting conversations and ate lots of good chili at a TexMexMas ’07. I brought delicious cornbread, but next year I may snag my Momma’s chili recipe and try to enter the contest.

And I think that’s about it. Other than that our dumbasses bundled up and went to the park for approximately.. 4 minutes yesterday. Holy batman it was freaking cold. Later Lorelei slipped and smacked her face on the wood floor as she was sliding down the stairs on her tummy, and now she has one of those caricatured puffy lips that are on all the Simpson’s avatars. Poor monkey.

I’m not sure my Monday weekend re-caps are the most interesting thing to write about each week, but I have a hard time organizing thoughts on Mondays. I should think of a brainless theme for that day like I have for Youtube Tuesday. WHICH, speaking of, you should totally check back tomorrow – my clip will be priceless, hilarious and amazing if you were at least old enough to walk and talk in the 80s.

So happy Monday, yo.

I’m a happy girl.

That was fun and I’m glad I can cross it off my list. I taped snippets of a couple songs (shhh) but this was the loudest by far – big surprise. 😉

Enjoy and be jealous.

You know, it’s funny. I woke up this morning with full intentions of making the next 24-hours a country event.

(For this, of course. I am in full-on dork mode.)


I opened up iTunes, knowing I have multiple country CDs floating around, and found.. 6 songs. Six songs? That’s all I’ve deemed worthy to listen to in the three years since we got the computer? That surprised me, because country music really was in equal rotation for me once upon a time. So I opened up our Pandora and set it to the Pure Country (I’m so clever) station, and in half an hour I’ve heard a dozen songs that bring up memories.

I’m sure my stubborn tether to a genre I don’t relate to much anymore is partially the time-period in which I listened to it. I was just hitting my adult years and beginning to figure things out (still working on that – bahdum ching!). Country music’s mostly about simple melodies and storytelling, and I think there’s a time and place for that. I knew a whole lot of country farm kids in college, and I *swear* the music made more sense to me after knowing their lives. And as much as I sometimes yearn for the complexity of big(ger) city life, there is definitely some merit to the simplicity of country living. If I had to make a decision right now between owning property where I could have a big garden and some animals vs living in New York I’d be split right down the middle. Ke-rack.

And I’m sure someone out there is irritated that I’ve made sweepingly stereotypical statements about country music, simple lives and whatnot. Obviously not everyone fits a stereotype, but it’s what I’ve generally found to be true, so there ya go.

Anyway, I was pleased with myself that one of the songs I do have on the computer is Chris LeDoux’s ‘This Cowboy’s Hat’. Because if you’re going to listen to any country, ever, it needs to include this guy.

And don’t worry, faithful readers I know are suffering, you’ll only have to endure one more concert recap tomorrow before this ends.

Until then it is giddyup, baby. 8)

Just an announcement that Lorelei has officially discovered the tasty goodness of her boogers, and is STOKED that this apparently is a renewable resource, having checked her nose multiple times during the drive home just now to see if there was another surprise snack.


1. I must have long-term memory loss because every year I try the KC zoo to see if it doesn’t suck.

Nope. Still does. And this leopard cage was smaller than the sq feet of my house, easily. This fella was sleeping on the metal grid that is above the walkway (this is from the ground up). It made me sad to see him; this is just so unnatural.


2. Got that vax book I mentioned a while back. I’m pretty stoked. Light reading, eh?


3. We’re on the last disc of the first season of Heroes. I’ve concluded I want to have Hiro over for dinner. “Ah mista flying man WSHHHHHHH!”

Good times.

However, I’m fairly certain my friends probably don’t love me so much when there’s an open bar. Good Lawd I’m annoying. (Moreso than usual, if that’s possible. I’m sorry, B-Rand. I seem to think you, Kevin and Donato got the brunt of it.) Worse, I always have random realizations the following day where I groan and hope whomever I made an ass of myself in front of doesn’t remember with the same clarity I do.

Eh. Whatcha gonna do. Mazel tov Jimmy and Wynn!


The whole gang



Kevin, H.Pimp, me, Brandon and Donato


JimmyJames, Wynn and Best man Kevin



Me and Susie between tequila shots, I think.


(P.S. The whole album is here if you’d like to see them undistorted.)

I’m listening to Ben Fold’s “You to Thank” right now, and since I am limited in what I can pick for Sonific I’m going to put it on here today for you to choose to listen to if’n you want.

We had a pretty good weekend. We got to see our favoritest New Yorkers while we watched K-State get shafted by blatant SEC homer ref calling (ok, Casey, I’m done) and enjoyed our favorite collegiate drink/shot. Really though, we do do more than drink when we see Sam and Misty, I promise. I mean, we eat too.

There were a couple BBQs with the neighbors, which is always fun. We were laughing though, because we knew we had morphed fully into parenting when one of the guys found himself sitting in the living room with all the kids singing ‘Wheels on the Bus’. And all week I had a book sitting on the counter that I was waiting to read until after I finished Illuminated, so I was jonesing to go to bed and start reading last night. I remember the book from high school, and was excited to re-read about Heathcliff and Catherine. Well, I got into bed and noticed the book had a Model-T on the cover. That’s odd. And the jacket was talking about Oklahomans in the dustbowl and I was like, wha? Then I realized my blockhead checked out Grapes of Wrath from the library instead of Wuthering Heights. Huh. Oh well.

And lastly I want to make a bet that by the end of the week my MIL will have seen the recent announcement – which I’ve heard before, so I don’t know how this is new news – that kids shouldn’t watch more than 2 hours of TV a day, and she’ll call me to tell me about it. We don’t watch a whole lot of TV (and regardless, Jack gets so much of his language from scripting from his videos I stopped worrying a while back), but I get reminded of this by my MIL every few months. And I always find the convos hypocritical considering she brings movies over to watch when they babysit, but whatever. It’s all good. Just wanted to claim it for future Itoldyouso points.

So that’s all. Happy Tuesday everyone and enjoy some random pictures!

Jack has enormously large Jon-sized feet

Shoe Man

Jon, Sammy, me and D-Wall before the game went downhill*


*Misty, I’m sorry that the only picture we got with you is messed up, and Sam, there is no way I’m posting that one with you and Jon. I’ll send it to you for your wall.

I have a bunch of things on my brain and none of them are correlated. Proper introduction, no?

1. Jack is doing wonderfully with both types of pottying lately. Some people think it’s totally lame for bored moms to blog about things like that, when they should be discussing presidential platforms and the Gaza strip. To them I say SUCKIT. Jack is 4 and a half and this is *huge* in our world.

2. My right arm has been sort of tingly and sore since last night. I’m not going to entertain the thought of a stroke so I think I’ll have Jon massage it to see if it’s a pinched nerve.

3. We have a couple weddings coming up, and I had thought I would wear a pretty little shirt I got from my beloved (and incredibly consumeristic) White House/Black Market. It looks similarly enough to this, though without the windblown model. And I don’t hold my manicured hands so casually. Anyway, when I bought it a few years ago it was sort of roomy, and has since become too big to wear (yay!.. wait… booo!) so I had the INGENIOUS idea of washing it, thinking it would shrink. And it did. Except I’m such a freaking blockhead I didn’t think about the fact that it shrunk shorter, too. So now it’s quite snug across, but also shows a fantastic amount of slightly streched-marked and tatooed tummy. Mmmmm sexy. So maybe instead I should beaugard Lo’s pink shirt that has ‘I (heart) NY’ rhinestoned on the front and wear that. Because I’m that damn classy..

4. K-State vs Auburn, tomorrow night at 7something, ESPN. Be there and see how Casey and I manage to continue to be friends. I told him I wouldn’t get into pre-game smack because I think it’s possible we’ll lose. But if we win? Woo hoo all sportsmanship is outta here! 😉

Have a good weekend, everyone.



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