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Reasons today will be a great day:

1. It’s raining. Sigh.

2. I’m probably going to drink beer tonight. It’s just either going to be out in the crowds or relaxed at home.

3. I’m (part) Irish.

4. My daughter woke me up this morning by interlocking our fingers and resting her head against my hand.

5. It’s raining.

6. K-State got an 11 seed in the tourney.

7. Jack just shared his snacks with Lo, telling her he loved her.

8. We get to drive around today, listening to music when it’s cloudy. My favorite. Sigh.

9. This song, although not the quintessential Irish song, is a beloved dance favorite for our family, and apropos for today at least. Hope you all have a great day as well!

Flogging Molly’s ‘Drunken Lullaby’



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