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Man, I was just complaining yesterday about people who have pointless blogs that are just random updates on what they do everyday (unless it’s one of those blogs that are meant as long-distance familial connections. They’re excluded from my unfair elitism) but I am absolutely turning into one of those people. Heh. Thus, today’s pointless post is about teeeveee.

It’s funny to me that as soon we joined – oh, 1998 – by getting DVR (in 2007), I stopped watching television for the most part. And I’ve never been a TV snob, because if nothing else I think the Discovery/science channels are cool as hell. (That and Jack learned much of his early language from scripting shows, so, uh, bite me.) But I was fairly good about making sure I wasn’t a total couch potato also, b/c I know it can make your brain mush.

But then we got what I thought would be the best technology ever, and now I have backlogs of shows that I don’t think I’ll ever watch. Maybe part of it was the strike, but I just don’t care anymore for some reason. Whenever I do finally sit down to watch something, I just don’t feel like it – though sweet Mary I love hurrying through commercials. Plus, we’ve also finally joined Netflix (I am woefully and often regretfully stubborn about advancement) and I think that has something to do with my abandonment.

But mostly, I think I’m finally just growing out of some shows, like the Real World, for instance. It bores me now like watching reruns of 90210* bores me, though I once spent nights crammed in a dorm room to watch that (WHOOPS! DATED MYSELF!). And don’t get me wrong, I love the stupid competition shows on MTV- minus the dating ones but including that newest dance one – but otherwise they just don’t interest me anymore. Which is probably about time..

[Finally interested in politics and admitting that Real World sucks? This previously would have been akin to filling out my AARP application, I swear.]

So I dunno. I guess I’ll just stick to my beloved HBO. Aside from rare mistakes (like that John From Cincinnati one or whatever) they’ve succeeded every time. Our newest watch is Deadwood. I was a little reticent at first, b/c the first episode was dirty and foul in every sense, but I quickly became hooked. What can I say, I’m a sucker. And since we’re watching it tonight with friends, I’ll share the song I was sent today to get excited, which consequently began my half-thoughtful reflection of recent viewing habits:

And I’m not so sure I’m quite as in love with DW as I was The Wire *sigh*, but I’ll let you know. Next up is 30 Rock, since it’s been on my to-watch for a while, and Jen-nay’s adoration sealed the deal. So besides HBO (and Fox cult favorites), if anyone has any suggestions for other shows, let me know.


*Fear not when I say though that I will absolutely be watching whatever reunion show they haul together. 😉

So my friend Rachel hit the nail when she said that the more you know people are reading your blog, the more you begin to (subconsciously or not) edit yourself. As usual with that wise woman, I find this to be true with me. I have a whole lot to talk about… and nothing I can talk about. Because I’m smack in the middle of some life changes, I don’t have a lot I can share. Surely everyone understands that. But if you have any magical advice on when/if to get a full-time job, how to transition for child care, autism, marriage, money or friendships, please send it along posthaste. Kthanks.

So, that said.. Hi! Here’s some more filler! Keep coming back until I can share the worthwhile thoughts again!

Cool story in the sports world, and the props are still long overdue.

Interesting (and sort of seizure-inducing) splice of McCain’s awkward speech.

And finally, a song (Modern Leper) by a group (Frightened Rabbit) that I’ve come to love. They were in town last week, but I found out one day too late.


No matter, it’s still a great song. I hope your weekend is as fun-filled as ours will be, and I’ll be back later.



**ETA: Fixed the song finally.

Sorry, I didn’t really think about the Youtube Tuesday installment until about three in the morning. And since we are halfway through the last season of The Wire, it’s on my brain.

Watch it immediately, people. I mean it.

So I don’t know how many of you watched the Oscars, but apparently during the pre-show, Gary Busey walked up to Ryan Seacrest interviewing Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner. Like the perpetually cracked-out alien he appears to be, he bumbled into the interview and ended up kissing Jennifer Garner on the neck. Her stock in my mind skyrocketed, b/c the look on her face when she first sees him skulking nearby – and throughout the whole thing, actually – is priceless.

Then on Monday morning Seacrest had Busey on his show to explain himself. This is what he said:

“”Well, what I wanted to do was, when I first saw you working, I said, ‘Who is this guy?’ And I said, ‘Oh God, this isn’t going to work.’ And then you captured me. You are to me, when you’re working, an innocent champion of honesty,” Busey told Seacrest. “Your heart has a way to embrace the truth in your delivery without looking like you are reading a script. Everything looks spontaneous. What spontaneity is – spontaneity comes from an invisible idea that is there before the creation began. And you have that naturally, so I just wanted to pay you a compliment. But I didn’t know you were in the middle of an interview, I was just moving through there.” ”

Really though, he might be the smartest guy in the business. He’s not anyone I’d ever want to meet, or even see on the street for that matter, but if you ever need a wild-eyed convincing lunatic – he’s your guy. He might be the world’s most devoted method actor. And nutjob.

Long live Gary Busey. (I guess.)

It officially ends!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you little fart. Muahahaha.

(Side note: I think it’s a sign of seriously, seriously warped thinking that I saw it will hit 42° today and was excited. A warm streak! …Wait…)

How is everyone today? We’re well enough. We have T-minus one week until we leave, and not a moment too soon. I’m already in preparation mode, but despite the things I am thisclose to forgetting (like a playdate tomorrow and the fact Jack has a school conference today), I realized this week has been quite the media-filled one for me, so I’ll talk about that instead.

First, we have finally tasted the cocaine that is The Wire (pun obviously intended), and are now planning mid-week showings with Brandon, because waiting even a day after the Netflix gods have supplied the goods is just not an option. Those who think I’m being hyperbolic obviously know nothing about need. Fo’ real, the show is amazing. We’re currently DVRing this season, and will get through the first 5(?) seasons as quickly as humanly possible. Crack, yo.

I also finished Running With Scissors earlier in the week, and I am thankful it wasn’t as disturbing as I had feared. I think that’s more the author’s detached-but-obviously-survived voice that makes reading the account manageable. It’s so beyond comprehension that the unemotional narrative lends the reader -or at least me- the ability to choose to distance themselves also, as if it were simply fiction and not a memoir. At any rate, I’m glad I read it, I think life stories are fascinating. (Oh, and I’m almost done with Cholera, and it’s picking up, so that’s a good sign. And for those of you who are internally parenting me with questions about my Bradley work – I have one book report left. Trust me, you’ll know when that’s done.)

I’ve also been drowning myself in new music lately, which has been both overwhelming and very fulfilling. I dig discovering new things to love and add to my impossibly long and contradictory ‘favorite’ list. I tend to be the kind of person who listens to things for like.. weeks.. at a time, then up and moves on. So recently my brain has been a little frantic trying to decide what it wants to perseverate on, ha. That said, Jon bought an album from The Editors (An End Has A Start) and it’s been sort of relieving to listen to it, because it doesn’t bend any comfort levels for me. It’s not amazing, though it’s not bad at all. I’ve said before it’s like Michael Stipe’s less-angsty brother. Anyhoo, I know I’ve posted this song (Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors) before, but I think it’s the best one on the album. Listen, purchase, thank me later.

And that’s about it. Lo took a dive off the stairs while I was brushing my teeth this morning, and looks just awesome with the knot right in the middle of her inherited, gargantuan forehead. Please don’t call CPS, I don’t feel like being flagged for the no-vax thing. 😉 But obviously the drama is not lost on the child, so I imagine she’ll survive.


1. Please, please, please make this true.

2. I don’t know who of you would be familiar with Brad Renfro, but maybe you’d heard he died this week, which is tragic, of course. And what gave me the heebies is that as soon as I read about it, I had the immediate thought that I wasn’t surprised. He did a pretty violent indie film called Bully a few years ago, and I had read that he was volatile during filming. When I saw the movie, his character seemed that much more disturbing b/c I really got the impression he wasn’t even acting – that he was seriously that messed up. So anyway, I’m not sure what the point is in writing this, other than it makes me sad that I subconsciously was waiting for it to happen. I don’t think they’ve released how he died, but I’ll bet a lot of money that it was not natural. RIP, dude.

3. I know I’m behind in changing my song <–. But I dig this group, and it feels like a British version of Jimmy Eat World to me, so it’ll stay there a few more days. Just thought I’d mention it.

4. I saw Juno last night. Jealous? Eh?

Well.. don’t be too much. I was sort of underwhelmed. I thought it was fine, not bad, but not as awesome as I had expected. But maybe that’s not fair to the film, since I was *really* stoked to see it. During the first half I got tired of ticking off the clever lines from the trailer, and the teenspeak (not to mention illogical cheerleader best friend) were pretty caricatured, but there were enough genuine moments to overshadow that. JK Simmons and Allison Janney were great as the parents, and Jason Bateman did a good job breaking my heart as the un-Michael Bluth guy. (Oh, and speaking of breaking my heart, Michael Cera was virtually a non-entity. Sigh.)

But, here’s the craziest part: Jennifer Garner was probably the best part of the movie for me. And that’s HUGE considering for five years I’ve held a grudge against her based solely on a casual comment Jon made when I was 11 months preggers with Jack. Her character wasn’t groundbreaking, but she acted it sincerely, and what could have slid into stereotype was handled carefully and believably. Kudos, Jen. Hmph.

Finally, the main character Juno, played by Ellen Page, has been lauded as the new up-and-coming hipster ingenue (as has Page herself). And based on this movie I’d say.. meh. She was fine. She was cute and obviously smart, so I’ll wait to see something else (besides Hard Candy) to make final judgment.

So that’s it. I still think people should see it. The soundtrack will be fun, and the words to the folksy main song, “You’re a part-time lover and a full-time friend”, have been rolling in my head for hours now..

Happy Friday and have a good weekend everyone!

Last week my (future OB) friend, Annie, called me from NY to talk about the morning she’d had. Up there for interviews, she’d met one of the main homebirth back-up doctors featured in Ricki Lake’s documentary The Business of Being Born. That morning they’d had a showing of the movie for the residents and attendings.

A large number of them booed and catcalled during most of the movie.

(Did I mention one of their bosses is featured prominently as an obvious supporter of natural childbirth?)

Annie and I discussed for a long time the inherent polarization of the (vast majority of the) medical community versus natural advocates. And what angered me most with her story was that their behavior was shamefully arrogant and narrow-minded, and it attested to the same kind of patronizing attitudes I’ve encountered in my own experiences as a pregnant mother or doula. That is ridiculous on too many conceivable counts, but I’m not going to get into why, because I think that’s probably obvious no matter where you stand.

So this morning on my local parenting board someone posted last week’s review of the doc featured in Slate. And here’s the thing, I don’t totally disagree with the writer that it’s propaganda. Personally, on one hand, I wish there could be even-handed media to present – in an effort to quell the skeptical bias people already have towards unconventional practices like homebirth. But on the other hand, I totally understand why the movie needs to be so far that direction, because it’s fighting a monstrously large and insipid medical mentality, and it’s the shock value that usually wakes people up and makes them think. (And maybe you’re thinking even my wording’s dramatic, but.. well.. it really is the truth.)

But then the writer gleefully mentions how the director’s eventual breech c-section is a ‘counter argument’ for the cause. And that’s a perfect example of missing the freaking point: Very few people – very few- would say that there is never a need for medical intervention. Obviously this mama and her midwife decided it was time to go to the hospital. ACOG calls for 30 minutes as a window to prepare for a normal section, and when a homebirther transfers, rarely is it the ambulance screeching drama you see in movies. Which is the whole thing, that it doesn’t need to be either/or. The best case scenario would be working in tandem.

Currently it’s (excuse me) a dick waving contest.

But that’s beside the point. I’m frustrated (and resigned) that the reviewer couldn’t really discuss the documentary without her own bias hypocritically shining through. She calls the team out for statistical inconsistencies (the quote about fetal homebirth death rates) yet doesn’t cite the studies. I think I know which one she’s referencing, and the key detail missing there is that all births outside of the hospital are included as a homebirth. So late-term miscarriages, side-of-the-road emergency situations – all are lumped into the category. And there is such an incredible difference between an emergency precipitous birth in the automotive section of Wal-Mart and a planned homebirth. Stating it the way she did is highly disingenuous – and not surprising.

(Propaganda what?)

Really, I could get more steps for my soapbox and give a lengthy diatribe about egos interfering with the supposed main goal of healthy baby and mother blahblahblah, but I won’t. First because I don’t have the energy to get too fired up today, but mostly because I believe that if you are educated, you will make the best decision for your family, whether it’s in a hospital or on the moon. So if this snarky reviewer (and everyone who feels the same way) wants to dismiss the valid points made in the documentary out-of-hand simply because they are different – I mean ‘crockpot’ – well, go for it sister.

It is easier to float along when you choose not to muddle your life with critical thinking.

If I ever had a brother I would want him to be Michael Cera. The bonus material on ‘Superbad’ was almost as entertaining as the movie, he’s just naturally a funny straight-man.

Seriously, watch ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Superbad’, and then join me to see ‘Juno‘.

This isn’t the funniest clip (mostly because I think Jonah Hill is high, and he’s annoying) but there wasn’t a whole lot of material, and it’s good enough for you to get the drift.

Everyone should watch Expedition Borneo when running at the gym. It will not only make you feel like a fat and lazy American, but the scene where wild elephants chase the scientists will scare the bejesus out of you and you’ll run faster. I love the Discovery Channel; it’s so tough.


steven.png 2354261577.jpg

Does anyone else see this? The guy from Project Runway being French Stewart’s long-lost twin? You should see him when he does his goofy grin. It’s EXACTLY like Stewart’s, even more than the picture. I keep expecting him to say something like “So, Dick. Wanna know what I heard around the water cooler today?… There’s a weird guy hanging ’round the water cooler.”

It would, oddly, be like both characters.

There are horrible, horrible things going on in the world that totally negate writing an entire post about how television is about to go down the tubes. (Literally. Get it? Television has tubes in it? Aw, nevermind.) But I love me some escapist television, which is exactly the reason I need it nowadays.

And in case you haven’t heard, the Writers Guild of America is on strike over arguments about how much they should or shouldn’t get paid for DVD royalties and web-based work. I fully support them – they are the driving force behind anything worthy of watching – and they deserve the credit they are due, financially or otherwise. So if the strike holds, I’m apparently going to swiftly lose some of my favorite shows (e.g., Daily Show, Heroes, The Office) and in its place more reality shows will air.

And that will make us continually dumber with each passing night.

I don’t mind some reality shows (I stubbornly admit that in the past I have sort of slightly watched American Idol or anything that’s on MTV, actually), but even I have a degree of elitism about the proposed The Farmer Wants A Wife. I mean, c’mon. The Cowboy Bachelor? That’s..

Well.. That could be actually be ok, now that I think about it.

But I digress; you get my point. My point is that regardless of how much you pat yourself on the back for not watching much TV, surely you can imagine some time in your life that you loved a show. (Hello, Seinfeld anyone? Do you really think Jerry’s that good of an actor? No. It’s the writing that kept you coming back. That and Kramer.) We need to support our writers for having a modicum of intelligence and wit. They make us laugh and cry! We plan parties for finales and have hundreds of message boards about fictional people’s lives! That’s powerful! Television doesn’t have to be the soulless life-sucking American icon some paint it to be. I firmly believe the right choices of viewing can be incredibly enriching. I mean, the Discovery Channel? Yeah. Television – 1, Snobs – 0. So I propose we all stand together and protest the scab shows (though not Scrubs, another great one) that will try and convince you they are comparable to real shows.

And I suppose now would be an appropriate time to insert a plug for picking up those thick, square, spider-smashers and opening them to discover real words that don’t move, but honestly I’d selfishly prefer you just support the kind of writers carried on electricity.

That’s because I’ll probably be somewhat MIA in the next few weeks while I concentrate on my Bradley academic work and honing my own writing skills. I plan to jump in to that cash-cow right when the deal is sweetest. And maybe someday you’ll be blogging about my writing prowess, muahahahaha.

Eh. I’m just kidding. I’m just telling you I’ll be busy.

But if nothing else you won’t lose any more brain cells to reality shows, right? That’s always good.

So I’ve really started enjoying Youtube Tuesdays – that site could suck entire periods of time from my life if I let it. And I always have a handful of things I debate about posting, so this week I’m just going to post some of my random favorites. Huzzah!

First is more Radiohead plugging. No, I’m not getting paid to promote them (yet). Last week I stumbled on to the ‘Street Spirit: Fade Out’, which is really a very pretty video (in all it’s artsy hauntingness). I was introduced to The Bends not very many months before my friend drowned in college, and though I didn’t know it at the time (I’m never good about figuring out lyrics) these words were chillingly prescient to the situation. This song is inexorably linked to that time because I played it over and over. Something about the repetitiveness seemed to stall the rush of feelings. I’m sure it didn’t, but really, this song was like a strange white noise to hide behind. It doesn’t make sense, and I know it drove my roommates crazy, but that’s what I remember. Oddly, it is probably my favorite song of theirs, hands down.


Next we have a great synopsis of my tied-for-first favorite movie: Goodwill Hunting. It’s set to the beautiful Elliott Smith – whose music basically soundtracked the movie. This was my introduction to my boyfriend, Matt, of course. And Matt/Ben-bashing aside, it’s an incredibly written (hello Oscar!) and acted (another Oscar!) movie. Don’t be a snob; go see it.


And finally, a skit from my favorite series on SNL: Celebrity Jeopardy. I laugh every single time I watch this. It’s where the world got ‘eleventybillion’. Sheer genius.

Yes, yes, we’ll get there. First, I want to show you the Halloween costume I’m considering after Lo’s 5 hour nap yesterday.

(Except hers wasn’t a bender, just some garlic mullein oil spilling out of her ears.)

fall-011.jpg noltemug.jpg

Nice, right? We have a Hawaiian shirt she could wear, too.


OK. So today’s Youtube Tuesday installment is a blooper montage for The Office. For those British purists or cavepeople who haven’t yet jumped on this bandwagon – do it. Now. Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Shrute character surely must be one of the funniest ever created. Ever.

Yesterday we had a playdate where we ate crappy takeout pizza for lunch. And before I had even finished eating my stomach was churning. It didn’t taste good, it was a waste of money, and I felt sluggish and gross afterwards. So why did I eat it? Because I have an emotional attachment to eating out.

I don’t really enjoy cooking; it’s sensory overload for me in many ways. And eating out has always been associated with luxury in my mind regardless of its quality – in fact eating fast food is almost MORE rebelliously wasteful considering how unhealthy it is the majority of the time. And even though I don’t enjoy eating out as much as I used to, I can’t seem to just grow up and be content with cooking/eating here. And I should, because I feel better when I eat better, duh. Plus I love that my daughter snarfs vegetables and Jack doesn’t know pop well enough to know Coke is called Coke and not cook or cock like he suggested this weekend when trying it. I feel strongly that in general people need to eat more healthily, and it’s just a matter of education and…what? Yes, I’d love some. With extra sour cream and cheese, please. Thanks.


So I randomly saw a show on BBC America while Lo was napping yesterday called You Are What You Eat. The gal is an holistic nutritionist, and she cuts to the chase about ‘poo’ and how your tongue reflects the status of your spleen, and she lays all the food each guest has eaten for a week on a table and HOLY BATMAN there is no hiding from it.

It lacks much of the drama and flash of American shows about weight and health (imagine that), but it was so eye-opening, even for someone like myself who considers herself pretty knowledgeable. It just shocked me the disconnect I have between what I know and what I do. It doesn’t add up. I mean, I just did a cleanse last week – it was supposed to be a 10-day fast but I only did a couple days, b/c I realized the process of coming back onto real food would take almost as many days and would require a basically raw-food diet. The fast itself would have been nothing for me, but the giving up of cheesy chicken enchiladas with refried beans? No way in hell. Yet when you detox your system so thoroughly, eating that would make you sicker than a dog. So I cut it short knowing I wouldn’t be able to be make the best choices afterwards. Dumb. That’s just dumb.

And my food-philosophy in theory supports minimal meat/dairy and mostly raw fruits and veggies. But in practice I’m nowhere near that, though I know how to do it and why to do it. And I’m all about moderation, but if you gave me a lifetime pass to Chipotle, I would eat there every other day. And you can have all the best ingredients in the world but those portion sizes alone would kill you!

I digress; this is not my point.

My point is that when you reach a stage where you aren’t even fulfilled by your choices, you should change your choice, right? Doesn’t that seem logical? But I can’t seem to do that, and I wonder how I can separate the emotional attachment of money and food. I’m not sure what else can motivate me, ’cause this ‘know-better-do-better’ thing doesn’t seem to be working for me in this department.

Any ideas? Anyone relate?



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