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Man, I was just complaining yesterday about people who have pointless blogs that are just random updates on what they do everyday (unless it’s one of those blogs that are meant as long-distance familial connections. They’re excluded from my unfair elitism) but I am absolutely turning into one of those people. Heh. Thus, today’s pointless post is about teeeveee.

It’s funny to me that as soon we joined – oh, 1998 – by getting DVR (in 2007), I stopped watching television for the most part. And I’ve never been a TV snob, because if nothing else I think the Discovery/science channels are cool as hell. (That and Jack learned much of his early language from scripting shows, so, uh, bite me.) But I was fairly good about making sure I wasn’t a total couch potato also, b/c I know it can make your brain mush.

But then we got what I thought would be the best technology ever, and now I have backlogs of shows that I don’t think I’ll ever watch. Maybe part of it was the strike, but I just don’t care anymore for some reason. Whenever I do finally sit down to watch something, I just don’t feel like it – though sweet Mary I love hurrying through commercials. Plus, we’ve also finally joined Netflix (I am woefully and often regretfully stubborn about advancement) and I think that has something to do with my abandonment.

But mostly, I think I’m finally just growing out of some shows, like the Real World, for instance. It bores me now like watching reruns of 90210* bores me, though I once spent nights crammed in a dorm room to watch that (WHOOPS! DATED MYSELF!). And don’t get me wrong, I love the stupid competition shows on MTV- minus the dating ones but including that newest dance one – but otherwise they just don’t interest me anymore. Which is probably about time..

[Finally interested in politics and admitting that Real World sucks? This previously would have been akin to filling out my AARP application, I swear.]

So I dunno. I guess I’ll just stick to my beloved HBO. Aside from rare mistakes (like that John From Cincinnati one or whatever) they’ve succeeded every time. Our newest watch is Deadwood. I was a little reticent at first, b/c the first episode was dirty and foul in every sense, but I quickly became hooked. What can I say, I’m a sucker. And since we’re watching it tonight with friends, I’ll share the song I was sent today to get excited, which consequently began my half-thoughtful reflection of recent viewing habits:

And I’m not so sure I’m quite as in love with DW as I was The Wire *sigh*, but I’ll let you know. Next up is 30 Rock, since it’s been on my to-watch for a while, and Jen-nay’s adoration sealed the deal. So besides HBO (and Fox cult favorites), if anyone has any suggestions for other shows, let me know.


*Fear not when I say though that I will absolutely be watching whatever reunion show they haul together. 😉

Sorry, I didn’t really think about the Youtube Tuesday installment until about three in the morning. And since we are halfway through the last season of The Wire, it’s on my brain.

Watch it immediately, people. I mean it.



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