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Please take note, as some of these things might take some time to find.

– a horse

– purple spray paint

– a unicorn

– Barbie

– a flashlight

– a tutu

– a Hello Kitty band aid

– a Hello Kitty toothbrush

– lipstick

– an ice cream cone

– a green hair ribbon

– raisins

– Sleeping Beauty (the movie)

– Princess Legos

– a puppy

– a baby sister

– a princess book

– a hammer

– ET (the actual alien)

– a drink of pop

– a gumball

– pink nail polish

– a butterfly

– an in-ground swimming pool

– deodorant


Thank you.

..but he woke up when I lowered my window.


And I’m not sure why, but surely that has to be a sign of a good life when you can take a leisurely nap with your snout hanging out a window.

Because I know somewhere there’s a clause that says that if you get no sleep and your kid wakes up with a raging case of pink eye and one cat jumps into the unflushed toilet and the other pukes into your paper towel-waiting hand (all before lunch) you get to spike your coffee.

I know I saw it somewhere. I’ll let you know.

All I can say is that I’m not thrilled they’re K-State fans, but whatever.

Happy Holidays and good luck on your electric bills!





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