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1. The new health care bill. I have no insurance (for those that might remember that I had gotten that job at the spa, I never bothered to update that for a variety of reasons on their end, it didn’t work out and the insurance was never started. No ill will from either side, but obviously no insurance either. And yes, I’ve tried through the state – but since I am not pregnant, I don’t qualify); I haven’t seen a doctor for the rotator cuff I’m preeeetty sure I tore a year ago. Because, it will then become ‘pre-existing’ for me to qualify to actually get insurance, and that’s just ridiculous bullshit. Plus we all know there are people out there for which naproxen isn’t enough.

2. Jack starts soccer tomorrow. I hope something fierce that he loves it. His friend’s dad is the coach, and that’s a huge relief for me.

3. Lorelei in this video from a couple weeks ago. She had been singing the damn Heyawk song all afternoon, and had just started singing some made up lyrics to the alphabet song. I tried to snag it and obviously my impatience at her Benedict Arnold leanings showed. Check at the end where she tucks her marker – uncapped – into her sleeve before walking off.

4. How far my Cats will go, and how difficult it’s been to not be more of a wench to those KU fans that are so obnoxious the other 97% of the time they don’t dramatically lose.

5. How much the new Gorillaz album kicks ass. This is “On Melancholy Hill”:

6. This nebulous zone I’m at now with old friends. My world has (logically) divided into PRE- and POST-DIVORCE, but I guess I never would have thought I’d lose touch with so many people. For some I’ve tried sometimes successfully to keep up, others I’ve waited on them, and licked my wounds. The rest were not unlike slicing off a tumor, and couldn’t have come at a better time. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t fairly hurt I didn’t get more Christmas cards from the people I thought had ‘crossed over’. I admit that this is pretty superficial to care about, but really, aren’t the point of cards simply to acknowledge that someone thinks you count enough to get a greeting? There is no one I want to see that I don’t have some sort of interwebs connection with, so the idea of my being un-findable, sadly, can’t count. I’m thinking about shearing off the hundred or so people on Facebook that I either don’t honestly care about, or I feel relatively confident are just keeping the friendship to stalk my goings-on when they so desire. My boyfriend hates FB, and I can’t say I always blame him. Shrug.

7. Somewhat in the same vein, that Jon and I have decided to throw Jack’s birthday party this year jointly, including new significant others and estranged previous in-laws. Plus all the friends who had to choose Team Jen or Team Jon when this began. We’re hoping that if we can act normally, then everyone else can stuff it and follow along. I personally think handing out shots called Tension Relievers might facilitate this progress, but we’ll see. Either way the intent is good, let’s all hope it can be done.

8. That J. Davo is moving back. Hooray for Kedzie Hall reunions in the near future!

9. How much every year at the beginning of spring I look back and realize just how incredibly affected I was by winter’s lack of sun and warmth. And how every year I tell myself I’ll be better about taking my vitamin D, and YET I NEVER DO.

10. How much I loved the movie Alice In Wonderland. I love Tim Burton. Love, love, love. Also that the main girl looks like the child of Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes. Right?

11. I’ve noticed a few wrinkles lately – which wasn’t a panic of vanity – but was a wake up call that I have got to start being better to my body. There used to be a time when eating Taco Bell would have made me sick. Now it’s gotten to where I look and feel blah all the time. I’m going to try to wean myself of coffee, and along with the CSA we just joined, eat more fruits and vegetables. BECAUSE I’VE EATEN ONIONS RECENTLY, PEOPLE. MORE THAN ONCE. DO YOU KNOW HOW HUGE THAT IS?

12. My beloved friend, the beautiful Miss Emily, has asked me to attend her birth as her doula, and I can’t explain how excited I am. I. Love. Babies. And. Birth.

Happy (sunny, hopefully) Tuesday, y’all.

So go Cats woot woot let’s all go crazy

and yay! for fellow (well, sort of fellow – I was English but I WROTE for the paper and all of my FRIENDS are J-schoolers so whatever) Kedzien Sam and his awesome, awesome.. awesome story – thanks BHS for the linky

and the world might have actually stopped spinning for just a wee moment when I recently realized that I can actually like a Weezer song (no really, I serious) and, in fact, secretly really really dig this one – though I still think their hubris is obnoxious so don’t get too excited

and happy Thursday everyone.

1. How HBO can be so friggen hit-or-miss with their shows. I think it’s a rather safe assumption to declare that the shows are either AMAZING or SINGULARLY CRAPTASTIC. But the latest, True Blood, brought by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under, needs to be buried immediately- it’s so, so bad. The only good thing about it is that it affirms my stance that Anna Paquin is a horrible actress.

2. How there are four pieces of jewelry that in a week’s time of sitting calmly in a little travel bag somehow became the twisted mess below. Dunno if you can see it, but on the right there is a thin silver chain that is wrapped around both the gold bracelet AND the colorful necklace roughly 4,345 times. I don’t remember putting the travel bag in the dryer, but I must have, right? How else can that happen?

3. How much I dig the bumper stickers I see that say Barack Chalk Jayhawk. I can’t get over how clever I think that is, and it worries me that I thought about getting one… if only for just a moment.

4a. How I can look at my kids and think they are both 100% dorks and 100% adorable.

4b. Whether the person who designed Jack’s costume modeled it off of Willy Wonka (00:50 mark).

5. How it took me 30 some-odd years to discover Antony and the Johnsons. His range and ability to blend is amazing and I get the chills every time the song gets about half way and the piano comes in. Great music in which to just sit and think. This is “Hope There’s Someone”.

6. Why, oh why K-State has fallen so much under Prince. Sigh.

7. Why I was laid off of my job (long story, sucky but not the end of the world) and am looking for a big-girl job during the worst time to do it. Three years ago, great, but now? Notsomuch. Wish me luck.

8. The point of DST. I’m bad enough as it is with knowing what time it is, why do we need to confuse me further?


(Minus the 30 hours a week of swimming. That might be the difference here.)

Breakfast: 3 fried egg sandwiches, 2 cups coffee, 5-egg omlette, bowl of grits, 3 pieces of french toast, 3 chocolate chip pancakes

Lunch: 1 pound pasta, 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

Dinner: 1 pound pasta, 1 large pizza, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

I didn’t have much to say earlier, and I still don’t, but I figured I’d marry the Monday and Tuesday entries into a single Mueday one (or Tonday, I suppose. Whichever, the puns still fit.) since I feel neglectful and I know tomorrow will be busy.

So, had a fun, busy and game-filled weekend. Kickball on Friday, Olympics (GO PHELPS GO!) and poker game on Saturday and the Royals on Sunday. Thank God Jack was mungly and we had to leave early, because that game went into TWELVE innings. Crazy.

We found out that a friend of ours is Jack’s teacher for this year, which is great news. I really think she will be firm enough with him and honest enough with me to continue our success. Also, the transition should be easier since he knows her. But, whenever we’ve talked about it, he’s proclaimed that he will definitely go to Kindergarten, but not school. So we’ll see what that really means on Friday. Send some relaxed vibes this direction, por favor, because I just have a feeling it’s either going to be awesome or simply horrible. There’s rarely an in between with Jack. Sigh.

Let’s see.. I’m sort of bummed about Bernie Mac, but the Isaac Hayes news means virtually nothing to me. And that actually kind of makes me feel guilty, since really, I knew neither, so whatever feelings I have seem arbitrary anyway. Odd how that works, eh? I mean, I don’t know Matt Damon either, but it’s a safe bet I’d be more than ‘sort of bummed’ if he died.

Good thing he’s invincible.

So here’s the latest Teen Girl Squad entry on Homestarrunner. Be aware if you’ve never gone there that the humor is.. particular. We giggle like idiots, but that’s because we’ve watched enough to anticipate the characters.

Oh, I know! My birthday is in SIX DAYS. I will be thirty…. one. Not very exciting. But regardless, mark your calendars for August 17th. I was born a day after Elvis died and my mom said that the gal in the hospital room with her was distraught, and named her kid Elvis. Poor guy. I think of him every year.

Finally, the YTT(M) installment is a DJ called Girl Talk. He has mashed some of the coolest songs* evar, and I picked the section that seemed the most accessible here. I totally love it, but I think it’s probably not up everyone’s alley. At any rate, if you do dig it, go here and download it for free ala Radiohead. Good times.

*If you go to Youtube you can see the lists of songs used in each section.

(I really shouldn’t become a professional writer. Who gets writer’s block for a freaking BLOG?)

Hmm. Let’s see. Random thoughts in no order:

  • Happy birthday again, Sammy-me-love. Hope you and your beautiful wife had a great weekend.
  • I am so excited for this I’m giddy. I think I might try the IMAX. I read a cool article in Wired that talked about Christopher Nolan’s ideas on it all, and I think it’ll kick ass. RIP, Heath. I hope if you get an Oscar nod/win, that it’s for the right reasons.
  • Went to the T-Bones game this weekend. Such a fun (and cheap!) alternative to the Royals. Would be great for a date, or with the whole fam.
  • Into Andrew Bird lately. Here’s Skin, Is My
  • We visited my great-uncle this weekend, and I couldn’t stop looking at the huge folder on the back of his front door that said clearly “FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE REV. FRANCIS – DNR”. I mean, I wholeheartedly respect his wishes, and given that he’s uh, significantly older and not in the best of health, I think it’s not unwise to do that – especially if you’re a priest. But still. How incredibly macabre is that to have DNR staring at you all day? Ugh. Sorry. I don’t mean to sound glib. It was just incredibly disconcerting..
  • Jack’s newest word is ‘disgusting’ (disgussing, really). He likes to call everything disgusting – from water on the concrete to the dog taking a nap to his carrots. We need to work on it a bit, methinks.
  • Still looking to get rid off the asshat cat. Any takers now that he’s all fixed up? Eh? EH?
  • Lately Lorelei likes to sit on your lap and while innocently staring at you with big brown eyes leans in and tries to pluck your eyelashes off. Sweet girl, this one.

Well, I think that’s about all the brainpower I have today. I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Feel free to tell me what you did – miss you out-of-towners!

More later, I have the remnants of a wicked sleep-deprived migraine.

(But woot Celtics, at least.)

So my friend Rachel hit the nail when she said that the more you know people are reading your blog, the more you begin to (subconsciously or not) edit yourself. As usual with that wise woman, I find this to be true with me. I have a whole lot to talk about… and nothing I can talk about. Because I’m smack in the middle of some life changes, I don’t have a lot I can share. Surely everyone understands that. But if you have any magical advice on when/if to get a full-time job, how to transition for child care, autism, marriage, money or friendships, please send it along posthaste. Kthanks.

So, that said.. Hi! Here’s some more filler! Keep coming back until I can share the worthwhile thoughts again!

Cool story in the sports world, and the props are still long overdue.

Interesting (and sort of seizure-inducing) splice of McCain’s awkward speech.

And finally, a song (Modern Leper) by a group (Frightened Rabbit) that I’ve come to love. They were in town last week, but I found out one day too late.


No matter, it’s still a great song. I hope your weekend is as fun-filled as ours will be, and I’ll be back later.



**ETA: Fixed the song finally.

I kid. I don’t really care, though I’ve heard those die-hard Dolphin fans are pretty annoying about that record, and I do feel kind of badly that they’ll still have a one-up barb against the Pats. (Kind of like some KU people I know.. Ha.)

We attended a party last night, and although I was super tired, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Jack did. He was still kinda quirky, but not too much, and really, he handled all sorts of new people talking to him like a champ. I’d had a conversation yesterday where the idea of Zoloft (or likewise) was mentioned as something to think about, but last night sort of solidified my instinct that it’s just not what he needs right now. Though I do think I should talk to his teachers and see if they have any ideas on fresh ways to navigate whatever stage we’re in that I’m not understanding. This whole thing is humbling, I tell you. Love ain’t always enough, people.

So I had started reading ‘Love In The Time Of Cholera’ by Marquez, b/c I had loved his other work so much, and at first I really dug it. But I have had simply the hardest time staying focused, which, unless I’m reading.. a book on calculus.. just isn’t like me. I’m sure I’ll finish it, b/c I’m stubborn and I really believe there has to be a major event to tie this exceedingly-long development, but my heart just isn’t in it currently. BUT, I did find in the morass of my dresser-top the other book I purchased at the same time, a memoir called Running With Scissors, and I read a couple chapters last night. Wow. It’s pretty fascinating so far. I purposely haven’t read a whole lot about it, but I seem to think I’ve heard it’s disturbing, so I’m a little wary. But, like I said, it’s really interesting, and I know it’s on the must-read list, so there you go. I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it. (And Cholera, to be fair).

And thus ends my usual disjointed Monday post. I hope yinz (holla Jen-nay! You’re rubbing off on me!) had a good weekend. Tomorrow I’ll post a special youtubetuesday for Casey, so I’ll see you then.


We went to the K-State basketball game at the Sprint center last night with a group of friends. Beforehand we (and apparently 100 other people) stopped at a pub that had illogically staffed three people for the night, so we had to wait until getting to the game for overpriced food. This ended up fortuitous though, because Jon and Brandon both ordered a foot-long hotdog monstrosity with brisket and dried onions on it. I’ll assume they would suggest this conveniently-named ‘KC Dog’ if you’re ever around. Afterwards we stopped at a bar across the street where we discussed IQs while drunk sorority girls danced on tables. (Not implying there’s a correlation there or anything, just sayin’). Anyway, it was good times.

And I know this is Youtube Tuesday, but I needed to cache my pictures because I worry that I may be killing my camera, so I figured I’d post these few as a recap to make Sam jealous. I didn’t get everyone in the group (nor the guy next to us wearing the Joe Leonard jersey), and in quite a few pictures the focus was off, so luckily I have none of myself! Huzzah!

The Sprint Center


B-rand, Ben and Phil


Brothers Dork


I hate the bloated ego that is Roger Clemens. I should hate Andy Pettitte (or Sosa, Giambi, Mac, whomever) equally, but I seem to save my ire for assholes like Clemens (and Bonds). Unabashedly arrogant and greedy, he thinks his game truly makes him better – than everyone – it’s always seemed.

And since Bonds is finally publicly astericked, I now patiently wait for Clemens.

I realize I’m not a big enough fan to merit outrage. I know too many guys whose opinions deserve to carry much more weight than mine. But my biggest complaint of MLB has *always* been the open disparity (payrolls, gate receipts, even park size) that everyone seems to accept. And when the powered-athleticism that is the dirty push behind the steroid use is so rampant that even our hometown Christian hero Sweeney is rumored to have partaken, I have total disgust for the whole game.

My views are not original. I just don’t have the life-long romanticism that others have and so I feel no shame wanting that man to give back all of his Cy Youngs and the stupid orange Hummer. I’d be ok with a total dissolution of baseball as we know it.




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